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27th Aug 2005, 20:54
How many have noticed planes in odd places on Google Earth

I noticed this one today

51o 38' 50. 32" N 0o 01'21.01" W elev 90ft eye Alt 1247 ft
Near Chingford/Enfield

Looks like a ditching to me.

27th Aug 2005, 23:45
Shure looks like one ! :uhoh:

http://server2.uploadit.org/files/outletvalve-ditchedplane.JPG :cool:

28th Aug 2005, 00:16
Near Cheshunt actually - nah, it's either downwind right for Stansted RW05, positioning straight-in for Heathrow or being vectored for City... amongst a million other possibilities..........or

..... it is in the reservoir and no-one has found it or reported it missing yet ........... hmm ;) :O :D :ooh:

28th Aug 2005, 08:50
The resevoir is at the border with Chingford and Enfield you can see Brimsdown to the left of the resevoir and Chingford to the right. Cheshunt about 5 miles to the north.

I go up the Lee and Stort canal a lot and have never seen a tail fin sticking out the resevoir maybe it sank?

28th Aug 2005, 09:36
Drifting the thread slightly, has the resolution in some areas been tweaked a little?

If you look at 747 at the start of 31L at Kennedy you can now focus down to equiv of about 300 ft and clearly read that its JAL reg JA 8085.

Interestingly you can see the same machine taxying out to the runway some distance away!

28th Aug 2005, 11:53
Amazing !!!!


Onan the Clumsy
28th Aug 2005, 12:48
Drifting the thread slightly, has the resolution in some areas been tweaked a little? Absolutely, and they say as much on the site...or was that terradata.

The further outside of a city you get, the lower the res.

29th Aug 2005, 08:01
Or you look at New Zealand and it's all out of focus. I guess noone has ever seen the need to photograph it.

Buster Hyman
29th Aug 2005, 08:07
Or you look at New Zealand and it's all out of focus
No, I went to AKL once...its always like that!

henry crun
29th Aug 2005, 08:34
Yeah, its the same as most parts of Arstralia.

Buster Hyman
29th Aug 2005, 12:20
Yes, but Tassie doesn't count.

29th Aug 2005, 12:58
and another diversion from the main topic.....but has anyone found 'Area 51' iin the US?

29th Aug 2005, 13:34
Absolutely, and they say as much on the site

Regarding resolution Onan, we may be talking at cross purposes since my wording was slightly ambiguous - what I meant was that when I first downloaded the site about a month ago the best resolution was down to about 1,200 ft whereas now in places one can get down to a clear view at about 300 ft.

The view at Kennedy has changes as well, for example originally there was an airliner at the very end of one of the runways which looked at first sight to have overrun (this was commented on in an earlier posting), but that airliner is now no longer there.

Area 51 is clearly visible at the best resolution available. Google to get the coordinates.

29th Aug 2005, 13:35
Google earth is pretty cool. Take a look at Edwards AFB in California and spot all sorts of relics and fast jets sitting around in the sun.

My question that I have always wanted answered - Bakersfield, CA. Where the main road into the airport carpark forks off left and right is an aircraft sitting on a pole. I saw it about 15 years ago and was told it was the loudest aeroplane ever flown, a jet in back and a contra rotating prop in front. I didnt have my camera and I have always wondered what it was. Anbody.

Area 51 is there - just go west of Rachel, NV and look in the big dry Groome lake. You can see a couple of the 737's that shuttle martians - I mean scientists - to Vegas. And some fighters of some sort. F-16's I think.

29th Aug 2005, 14:04
Personally, I think it's someone's pet fish that grew into a Great White Shark!!

Happy Holidays

barry lloyd
29th Aug 2005, 16:11
All the really interesting things at Area 51 are either underground (no pun intended), or under cover.

29th Aug 2005, 19:32
Most likely, that "ditched" aircraft is flying above the lake.

A bizjet I reckon.