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26th Aug 2005, 23:26
A little help with a quiz please.

The answers are makes and models of vintage and modern automobiles.

eg. 'River Crossing' - Answer 'Ford'

I'm stuck on the last 2 questions.

'Sounds like a pause in a sentence'


'Yorkshire River'

First prize is booze, which I will share with you all, if I win.

Many thanks.


Tuba Mirum
26th Aug 2005, 23:31
The first one's "Commer".

I'll have a think about the second...

Ah, Mrs TM helped me with "Humber"!


Mine's a large one. :ooh:

26th Aug 2005, 23:53
Thank you kindly sir. Thats appreciated.

27th Aug 2005, 03:11
Well give us the rest of the questions - so we can all play.

28th Aug 2005, 14:58
Oh sorry, here they are:

1. Dance
2. Wanderer
3. Cardinal
4. Sounds like a pause in a sentance
5. Jungle Beast
6. River Crossing
7. Yorkshire River
8. Colleague of Jimmy Edwards
9. Ray of GOlden Light
10. Bread in Small Portions
11. A Big Achievement
12. Regular Size
13. A Light Breeze
14. One of the First Ships to America
15. Irish Man
16. Well Known in Sherwood Forest
17. Horoscope
18. Type of Lightbulb

28th Aug 2005, 15:15
I'm amazed they didn't have the Ford Pubic.

It's made up of old corsairs:\