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26th Aug 2005, 21:29
For years I've been buying VanHeusen Commander pilot shirts at about $21 each by mail order. They last through 25 or so washings before they start to look worn and unsuitable. The feature I like is the double sunglass pockets behind a fake flap. That way my sunnies and readers are both quickly accessible.

But I think I have a better idea.

Because packing for my trips, which can run up to 17 days, makes space in my suitcase a precious commodity, I discovered that silk shirts for casual wear can be folded down to take up almost no space. I can therefore pack four of them in the same space taken up by one long sleeve pilot shirt. Silk is good in summer as well as winter. It is machine washable if you hang to dry, and requires no ironing. I buy them in Hong Kong for under $10 and they look great after repeated washings.

Ergo...Why not spec out and buy a lot of silk pilot shirts. I bet if you put in $50,000 you could buy 10,000 white silk pilot shirts made to exacting specs and sell them on Pprune, say for $50 for four shirts, making a slight profit and performing a service to space-limited pilot suitcases world-wide. What's wrong with this idea?

Fg Off Max Stout
26th Aug 2005, 23:44
What's wrong with this idea?

Well, for a start you'd look like a pimp. Paying passengers don't want to see a pimp behind the controls of their aeroplane. Maybe you could have a phat-brim velvet fedora to go with your pimp shirt.



Onan the Clumsy
27th Aug 2005, 00:03
I discovered that silk shirts for casual wear can be folded down to take up almost no space. Have you tried it with your panties too? :} :} :}

27th Aug 2005, 00:06
I find that silk panties are very convenient when I am trying to pack a few hundred pairs in my suitcase. :cool:

27th Aug 2005, 01:13
im sure if you ordered 10,000 silk shirts, you will get them significantly cheaper than what you pay for 1 or 2. and i would check out the tax situation before jumping into such a venture.... something like what you are thinking of will most likely work, i have ben making some spare cashe just by buying still produced ansett pens, at full retail and putting them on ebay, most sell for double what i payed for them

Onan the Clumsy
27th Aug 2005, 02:45
I bet if you put in $50,000 you could buy 10,000 white silk pilot shirts made to exacting specs and sell them on Pprune, say for $50 for four shirts, making a slight profit so five quid a shirt, times four is twenty sovs

I'd say 150% is a little more than a slight profit :ok:

oh, dollars then. Let me rework the arithmetic.

27th Aug 2005, 13:46
Onan, I think you'll find it's 150% profit whether you call it dollars or roubles. But I suspect the major flaw in Ben's argument is that the operators of Pprune wouldn't look kindly upon their pages being used as an aviation ebay.

Now if all the profits were to go to the Pprune fund, or scholarship, or whatever it is, that might be a different matter.

What on earth am I doing even reading this thread? :confused: :confused: :confused:

27th Aug 2005, 14:52
why pack a few hundred pairs of silk panties?? you only need enough for work. the rest of the time go commando!!!

27th Aug 2005, 15:53
Well this conversation has been had a number of times since I've been prooning.

There are those ladies who will go commando ..... and those who won't! :}

How did we get onto this from pilot shirts?? Is this what those in the know call 'thread drift'? ;) ;)

27th Aug 2005, 16:07
Well, you started it! :E

27th Aug 2005, 16:35
No I didn't ........ it was Onan who mentioned panties!!

Let's face it ........ on JB, most threads eventually get round to panties, stockings, breasts or sex, whatever they were about when they were first started. :E :E

27th Aug 2005, 16:36
That's why we all love it so much, isn't it? Long may it rule! :ok:

27th Aug 2005, 17:38
Yes I agree with you there Binos! :cool:

27th Aug 2005, 21:40

I would be a paying advertiser on Pprune, helping support the cause.

The markup would cover shipping, cost of capital, advertising, packaging and handling, warehousing - general overhead. Also the risk of being stuck with thousands of shirts - at my age more than a few lifetime supplies.

27th Aug 2005, 23:25
Don't worry - You won't be stuck with thousands of shirts! They would be impounded in a warehouse......along with the bra mountain. ;)

30th Aug 2005, 16:13
Pilot's shirts come from the most unusual scources. However, as regards to taking 17 shirts on a trip, I have the following, well tried solution. Take 3 shirts. Hand wash the first at the end of day one and hang it on a hanger in the bathroom when wet. Next day, shower with the shirt in the cubicle to absorb some steam but not actaully to get it wet.
Repeat on day two and three.
On day four, wear the shirt from day one, now nicely cleaned and no ironing required!
BTW, the black silk undies in my washbag are a momento rather then to be actaully worn. They can however, be worn as either ear defenders or an eye mask but not both at the same time! Make sure your door is locked if you do use them in this manner.

30th Aug 2005, 18:29
This wins the oddest thread of the day award.

Silk shirts are terrible, you're cold all the time, and you look like a pimp. And your nippers stand out.

I'll leave that to Tart to explain.

30th Aug 2005, 22:10
Er ...... me??

I don't need a silk shirt for my nipples to stand out.

You could hang your coat from them at any given time! :E :E

31st Aug 2005, 14:52
I should get tart1 to come along on my trips and then I would have somewhere other than a rusty coathanger to hang my shirts out to dry.

31st Aug 2005, 17:01
"You could hang your coat from them at any given time!"


That's the best offer we've had all week. Any given time would suit me, too. :E :ok: