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26th Aug 2005, 06:31
Doctor in trouble for 'insulting fat patient'
By Francis Harris in Washington
(Filed: 26/08/2005)

Efforts to tackle soaring obesity rates in America have taken a knock after a doctor was censured for telling a patient she was fat.

Dr Terry Bennett, of New Hampshire, informed the woman that she was overweight and that it was harming her health.

Her husband was also obese, he said, and would probably die before her, and given her weight she would have problems finding another man.

The patient, who was reported to have weighed almost 18 stone and to have been suffering from diabetes, was upset and reported him to state medical authorities.

Dr Bennett has been told to attend a medical education course and acknowledge that he made a mistake. But he says that he has already sent the patient an apology and that should be enough.

"I told a fat woman she was obese," Dr Bennett said. "I told her, 'You need to get on a programme and peel off the weight that is going to kill you' ."

Atlas Shrugged
26th Aug 2005, 06:34
My doctor once told me my feet were getting too fat.......never did work that one out :confused:

Standard Noise
26th Aug 2005, 08:21
I see where he went wrong, he should have told her she had 'deferred weight loss'.

tony draper
26th Aug 2005, 08:39
My Doctor told me I had flat feet, I said, of course I have flat feet , if I had round ones I would keep falling over.