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25th Aug 2005, 21:13
I am rather partial to wearing these because I like the two breast pockets.

I bought a batch for around 5 each about five years ago, but now they're looking even more wrinkled than me.

Problem is, none of the previous suppliers have them listed, so where do I go (for cheap ones!) ?

25th Aug 2005, 21:40
loads of cheap ones going on E-bay, but you will have to take a chance on the quality.

25th Aug 2005, 22:16
Do they come with the warning lable like on the Superman fancy dress outfits?

"Warning. Does not enable wearer to fly"

25th Aug 2005, 23:08
I bought mine from Ebay - bargain ex-BA shirts, 2 breast pockets but no flaps :)

Onan the Clumsy
26th Aug 2005, 04:28
If you get them in XXXL are they called Pilot Whale Shirts?

26th Aug 2005, 04:54

7 7 7 7

p.s. had to sign to meet the 15 character limitation ...

Onan the Clumsy
26th Aug 2005, 13:13
I have a pilov shirts in my laundry hamper.

26th Aug 2005, 13:19

i guess you ain't winning any style awards:p

26th Aug 2005, 13:34
"i guess you ain't winning any style awards"

No, but I get a lot of laughs over the number of drivers who change their mind about overtaking when I'm wearing a white one!

There's not even that many on eBay these days.