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24th Aug 2005, 18:03
Police have arrested 28 year old William Gallas for the alleged kidnapping of professional footballer and Renault Clio spokesman, Thierry Henry.

Mr. Henry went missing in West London around 16:00 BST Sunday 21st August 2005, and has not been seen since.

42,136 eye witness recall seeing Henry, 28, being 'dragged' into the back pocket of Mr. Gallas.

One eye witness has informed police he may have seen him walk towards a tunnel at approximately 18:00 BST, although police have not yet confirmed this information. The eye witness, who can not be named for legal reasons, remembers someone walking past him with a similar description (blackcurrant shirt with a yellow 'O' pattern in the centre, dark skin and smelling faintly of onions) and calling out "Ei Bobby, what's the French for I choked?"

Police feel this may have been gang related. Four men in blue shirts were also spotted in the area. According to residents in the area, they are known as 'the back four.'

Police are appealing for any information and should contact Crimestoppers on 0800 500 111 if they know the whereabouts of Mr T. Henry.

24th Aug 2005, 18:30
Does this post have something to do with that sport known as Chav Ball???

24th Aug 2005, 20:31
You think a chav could have written that?

24th Aug 2005, 21:15
Never heard of a sport known as 'Chav Ball'.