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Kaptin M
24th Aug 2005, 14:33
Imagine.....you are the male "manager" of an airline's cabin crew.

This is a fairly new airline, that employs ONLY young (less than 25 y.o.) female Flight Attendants.
It is your JOB - every 3 months - to produce a brochure (an A4 size, folded into 3) for the pax, that features 8 or 10 Flight Crew, of which 80% must be those young F/A's.
The brochure will show their photos on the opening page, with a short spiel by each.
However, to expand the goss, the F/A's (only) will promote a specific destination city, served by the airline's..umm..........route structure.

Normally, each destination is 1 hour's, or less, light time from the base.
BUT, to get a REALLY good story (and photos), the "manager" - and the photographer - are going to HAVE to spend at least 1 night away, in a hotel that is considered too upmarket for the normal crew layovers.

Only in Asia!! ;) :ok:

24th Aug 2005, 14:36
Hey Kapt, I'm really good at picking suitable positions them sort of pictures :E :E

My offer to help of course is purely pro-bono, especially if we're talking a Japanese carrier ;)

Nuthin to do with U2, so don't start