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Kaptin M
24th Aug 2005, 12:36
Shrinks, Robert (Bob) Kurzban, and Jason (Jace) Weeden of the Uni of Penn. wanted to find out what men and women really expected , when they picked their date :cool:
So they used data collected by the popular "Hurry Date" dating service, to answer their Q's.
"Hurry Date" (and YOU), also wanted to know.

The data included the participants' height, weight, personal habits and preferences, and then asked them to rate the attractiveness of their bodies, faces & personalities.
They had 3 minutes to make their selections, before moving on to the next candidate.
Afyter each encounter, they have to mark "Yes" or "No" on what is ungraciously called a "Score Card", indicating whether or not they wish to meet this person again.
(The term, "Meat Market", comes to mind!)

So after cutting through the crop, here's what you were waiting for.
Women were more likely to say yea to guys who wanted more children, paid attention to the lady's needs, complimented her, and had a "personality".
Hair (or lack of) was a long way down the list of priorities.

Men wanted younger women with good bodies (their definitions of "good" varied, from "neither too fat" to "not too thin"), and pretty faces (again, the definition of "pretty" was very broad-ranging, from one male to another).

The biggest surprise was how little difference skin color, race, and perceived intelligence made in the assessments of both sexes.

24th Aug 2005, 14:08
I'm glad I never succombed to those speed-dating thinggies then: By all accounts, straight sex isn't very high on the list...?! :ok:

24th Aug 2005, 14:11
A date should be from Israel to start with. I prefer the Medjool variety over others. It should have a brown, caramel exterior and should be soft and chewy in the middle. It should be extremely sweet and not bitter at all. It should have a good weight to it and not have a shrivelled and tough appearance. This is my ideal date !

24th Aug 2005, 14:42
straight sex isn't very high on the list

However, bi-curious scored rather well.

Standard Noise
24th Aug 2005, 15:29
Women - a cloth to wipe up his drool.

Men - to finish the evening still solvent.

24th Aug 2005, 15:31
I thought I told you not to drink that stuff.

Kaptin M
25th Aug 2005, 00:13
"Women - a cloth to wipe up his drool.
I prefer, "Wipe yer chin" :O

25th Aug 2005, 01:38
"Don't move...............I'll get you a towel" :E :E

tall and tasty
25th Aug 2005, 01:41
Really want from a date - A night to Remember

Something that you can look back on for years to come and just makes you want to relive that evening/day all over again

Oh the personal features, well tallish, handsomish, brown /blond have two eyes, a head, two arms, legs x 2, some table manners, can hold a conversation with his mouth full and make me laugh

TnT :E :p ;)

25th Aug 2005, 01:46
You rang TnT???


25th Aug 2005, 01:55
What about turning up..

It's a first step like, you've got to start somewhere before you ask can her sister join in. :}

25th Aug 2005, 01:56
I suppose that's better than your sister joining in.............


25th Aug 2005, 02:01
...as I've said before...since men want younger women, guess that makes me eligible for a 110 y/o... :E

25th Aug 2005, 02:03
What about four 27 year olds??? :E

25th Aug 2005, 02:07
Oh, right...one for each extremity when they carry me out... :}

25th Aug 2005, 02:07
for all you know my sister could be a perfectly fine example of womanhood, bi curious and not averse to keeping it in the family so to speak. At least we could share a taxi home.
but there's no way she's bringing her boyfriend

25th Aug 2005, 02:22
That's what I like to see. A bit of openmindedness.

BTW, you got her phone number?

Yeah, she can leave the boyfriend at home

Standard Noise
25th Aug 2005, 11:20
You two ought to move to Arkansas, you'd be right at home.....................or Ballymena.:}

25th Aug 2005, 15:13
Men wanted younger women :hmm:

times are changed ;)
Meet my 5 years older girlfriend for almost 6 years ago when in europe. she joined me in sydny last year. sure I'm not only who fancies older girls with experience. and yes I have been dating youngers before.

ps. she's an animal in the bed. wouldnt change her for anyone younger.

25th Aug 2005, 15:39
What do men REALLY want in a date?

To be home in time for breakfast.:E


25th Aug 2005, 15:47
Do Lesbians prefer older women?

27th Aug 2005, 00:22
Is it sad just to want to have a pleasant evening and a bit of a laugh and if it leads to something else (and both parties fancy the pants off each other) then perhaps a second and more serious date could be considered. :D

I mean, who on earth would want to talk about whether or not they wanted more children on their first date?? OK, OK, maybe I am talking [email protected]

I have got good body, average face for my age, moderate intelligence. Do you think I'll ever find anyone who wants to get past the first date or will they all be looking for twenty-somethings??

Serious question! :}

27th Aug 2005, 00:45
A guy that isn't more interested in wearing my clothes than i am