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24th Aug 2005, 10:17
Just three from this mornings papers... :confused:

'You can fly if you can walk'
24/08/2005 10:32

Sad sign of the times where a carrier refused to take a little girl in a wheelchair.

Battle of the Virgins
23/08/2005 19:47
Polokwane - It's like a war between an elephant and an ant.
World-famous entrepreneur Richard Branson's company, Virgin UK, is demanding that a small Limpopo entertainment company be deregistered for using the word "virgin" in its name.

this is the one that got me though - how the hell did they know it was the Lion's lunchtime..? :suspect:

Lion kills worker for lunch
24/08/2005 08:29

Zeerust - One swipe from a lion's paw on Monday meant the death of Petrus Bushy Malgas, 42.
Malgas was doing contract work on the Rietfontein game farm when two male lions attacked him.
The owner of the farm, Hugo Ras, said on Tuesday: "I have a large game farm with the Big Five. One of my dams silted up after the rain and I hired Gert van der Merwe earth-movers to clean the dam. Bushy was one of the men who helped Gert."
Malgas apparently received a piece of meat as part of his daily "rations" and hung it up in a tree near the dam.
Just after 17:00 he returned to the dam to fetch his eating utensils and his meat.
'Watch out! Lion!'
Ras said: "It seems one of his fellow workers shouted to him, 'Watch out! Lion!', and when Bushy turned around, two young males were standing behind him," Ras said.
At first Malgas tried to run away. "But he slipped and fell. One of the lions broke his neck with just one swipe of his paw."
"We rushed him to hospital immediately, but he was basically dead on arrival," Ras said.
Ras added that the lions must have smelled the meat. "It is a crying shame that something like this had to happen. I have urgently requested permits to have the two lions put down."
"I'm a game farmer and crazy about game, so I don't want to do it, but it gets dangerous when a wild animal becomes a problem."
The police's Constable Bontle Dipoko confirmed the attack.
"We are still investigating the case, but right now it does not seem as if there was any negligence," he said.

24th Aug 2005, 10:46
Lion kills worker for lunch

...tired of waiting for Gate Gourmet to sort things out.

tony draper
24th Aug 2005, 11:00
Lions are not vegetarians,so the trick is to roll oneself into a ball and makes a noise like a lettuce, the lion will quickly lose interest.
On the other hand one could just utter the word "Umgawah" the lion will **** off, it worked for Tazan every time.

24th Aug 2005, 11:26
TD ...now That's funny! :E

...all this time I thought you were a lion yourself. ;)