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24th Aug 2005, 09:52
I was fourteen. It was my first time. Excited and nervous I was going for the plunge.

I handle it gently between my fingers, careful not to drop it. I slowly ease it to what looks like a black hole. Except it isn't a hole, it's the window to my soul. Careful...

Oops, it won't go in. I realize this is going to be a slippery ride. I tell him to turn on the radio to make me feel more comfortable. I've waited a full two years for this day, I can't mess this up. Almost...almost..this isn't as easy as I thought it would be. Must be patient, take a deep breath and let it slide... Ahhh! Ahhh! There! It's in! My first time! I can't believe it's in!

I think about how my family will react and beam with pride! My friends will all give me a high five and treat me to a sundae at Baskin Robbins. He smiles. I smile. Oh how I'll never forget this special day...The day I put in my very first contact lens!

The Optometrist says, "Great! Now for the next eye..."

I slowly ease it in...

tall and tasty
24th Aug 2005, 10:05

You have been reading too many of my posts!! Or is it just the way my mind works thought this was going somewhere else.

But I had the same sort of experience. Waited with great anticipation for years for the moment. It was very quick, after a sharp pain, then a dull throbbing and that was it sat beaming with two gold studs in my ears.

I was 16 at the time and still sweet

TnT :p ;)

24th Aug 2005, 10:40
It was an autumn night but not too cold for it. We gazed at the star spangled sky above and wondered. Should we or shouldn't we? I was seventeen and earning enough to pay for any consequences but Sue was only fifteen and it would be illegal. Her father would kill me if he found out. But then he'd never know. Would he?

I only had a small one and had never done it before, but she could resist no longer. Throwing her leg across and gripping me tightly in her arms, hot breath on my neck, whispered words of encouragement, a girlish giggle and, hearts pounding with excitement, we were away...

A two-fifty beezer and only a provisional licence - no pillion passengers allowed - but when a pretty young thing wants a ride on your motor bike, how can a young lad say no? Some things are better than sex they say. I still remember one of them...

24th Aug 2005, 11:10
But I had the same sort of experience. Waited with great anticipation for years for the moment. It was very quick, after a sharp pain, then a dull throbbing

Ones image of T&T has just dramatically altered.

24th Aug 2005, 12:44
I was 16, the first time and was on my back on my bedroom floor with my knees up by my shoulders, legs over my head. Ended up with a number of bruises and a dull ache. One knee kept bashing on my bedframe. Also got a carpet burn on my back.

The next time I tried it in public which was much better. Managed to do it standing on one leg, and just having other people around me made it easier.

I still practice yoga now.

Tuba Mirum
24th Aug 2005, 13:10
First time I tried it, it was still shiny (the dents came later). What came out of the end wasn't very pleasant, but there was plenty of it, and anyway...

... I play the tuba a bit better these days.

24th Aug 2005, 14:29
My first time (attempted) was also my first quartet. I remember that one of the girls (Terri) attempted to blow on a couple of instruments but Sue was far too shy. Anyway, far too much alcohol had been consumed beforehand. It became just another slumber party. Such were the lives of those that lived-in whilst working at a Sussex hotel in the late '70s... :O

25th Aug 2005, 02:20
Ah yes, the swing quartet - probably the best way to make music. Duets are more intimate but not quite so artistically stimulating. Playing in a big band, the rythm gets lost and it all becomes too mechanical. As for playing solo - so sad...

I loved the seventies - the sixties without pimples... :ok:

25th Aug 2005, 11:05
Bending over, the smooth feel of the massive object sliding in, painful yet stimulating, giving a strange mix of pleasure and humiliation, hearing the murmurs of satisfaction from behind me.

You never forget your first prostate examination.