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23rd Aug 2005, 17:09

A small matter of a couple of real rumours which have reached me in the last day or so.
This being the self appointed rumour channel and, given not to matters of scurrilous superparticular nature; I though I would share these gentle thoughts with the multitude.

Transpire is a wonderful and oft misused word in the English language. Look it up - Agony Aunts!

Anyway, it transpires that some pilots at the big easy are a trifle upset because they fear that the standard of pulchritude of the female cabin attendants is a recruitment qualifiaction in directly inverse proportion to the size of the old gluteus.

My informant further tells me that English linguistic kills (yup! it does in a ditching) are sadly lacking in an Irish carrier not too far from home.
Addendumr to the above: Is there a easier captain of base station in Newcastle does but write his own roster as he perambulates from easy day to 'tother?:\

But idle rumours from the depths of Africa.:8

23rd Aug 2005, 17:14
Well that was easy to read....

23rd Aug 2005, 18:07
Does that mean they're hiring girlies w big gigantic bums??:confused:

23rd Aug 2005, 18:36
So I have been led to believe. It transpires by way of unsubstantiated rumour that those on the selection committee are not, may one dare say, quite normal. Actually Good As You Mafia was the employed terminology. I am led to believe that large bottoms are appealing to that ilk. I cannot, for the life of me, conjecture further. All of this is deep rumour only suited to an apposite thread.;)

25th Aug 2005, 15:19
I thought men liked a behind that you can park a bicycle in and rest your pint on?


25th Aug 2005, 15:26
Can I have some of what you are on cavortingcheetah?


25th Aug 2005, 15:45
My eyes are hurtin.

25th Aug 2005, 15:49
Yeah, just look at this poor sod trying to pass Brenda. Was there for three weeks till someone lent a hand with a crowbar.


Devlin Carnet
25th Aug 2005, 15:54
I think yours is bigger and thicker than mine..

Dictionary,.. that is :ok:

25th Aug 2005, 18:17
Bigger and thicker whisky and soda, I reckon. :rolleyes:

25th Aug 2005, 20:30
doesn't stop them performint their jobs does it? You lot are such perves

Maple 01
25th Aug 2005, 20:39
the lyrics from 'National Express'

Mini-skirts were in style when she danced down the aisle
Back in í63 (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
But itís hard to get by when your arse is the size
Of a small country
And everybody sings ba ba ba da...

Reminds me of the Deutsche BA stewardesses flying out of Berlin a few years back.....737 aisles can be a bit narrow at times

25th Aug 2005, 22:02
Sure, right, errr...what? This?