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tall and tasty
23rd Aug 2005, 11:56
Hi everyone. The sun is out and everyone should be smiling. Well I am now but only just. Horrible trip into work this morning and doing my ususal 50mph on the major A road and bang the left tyre blows, no warning, the car lurches and then the right goes.

I still don't remember coming to a stop or even phoning to be rescued. Not until the friendly face appears in the window do I stop shaking and crying! Silly really but guess it was the shock.

So after getting the tyres sorted by the lovel mechanic and being offered a cup of tea while they work out what happened. A nail and worn tyres to blame.

I wondered if anyone out there had had some spectacular events whilst driving cars, planes ,boats or bikes and would like to share them.

At least I did not have the children in the car, that I am grateful for


23rd Aug 2005, 12:04
Took my car iceskating once. Unfortunately it was in a busy car park built on a slope. Wrote off someones Ford Fiesta.
I only dented my bumper and smashed the headlamp, but it still cost 800.

23rd Aug 2005, 12:19
Doing 75-odd in a clapped out Morris 1100 many moons ago on the A1 near Catterick. Exactly the same that happened to you happened to me.

In fact I was rather pleased in the way I managed to control the car. I managed to bring it to halt, rather conveniently in a layby which had a phone in it. 50 quid and two hours later we were back on the road to what turned out to be a serious piss-up in Durham.

The car -- which my mate, who couldn't drive so he got me to -- had spent 50 quid on broke down a total of five times on the entire trip. The total repairs cost my mate over 300 quid.

Not his best purchase.....:}

23rd Aug 2005, 12:25
Had a slight "incident" in the works LDV cub at the back end of July on a wet foggy night when things went pear shaped. Van written off along with one sheep who was in the field we ended up in. Prisoner in his cage shaken but not stirred. I'm off work 'till October at least with severed extensor tendon in right middle finger (the "bird" finger- woe is me!), stranded, can't drive, can't write, bored witless (some say I was witless to start with, I disagree :E ) and even typing this is long winded. Only my shiny new G5 Macintosh is preserving my spirits.
Hey ho, Sh1t happens, but I totally understand your reaction - this was my first motoring accident ever, and yes, when I realised everyone was okay (my hand was the worst injury by far) I'm not ashamed to say there were tears of relief.

Van's F:mad:d tho!:}

23rd Aug 2005, 12:29
Had a slight "incident" in the works LDV cub

Having marketed the aforesaid vehicle, I can honestly say that in 20+ years of commercial vehicle sales, I have never seen so many of one type come back, stuffed, [email protected] or whatever other term one cares to use.

Kept our bodyshop busy for a while.

23rd Aug 2005, 12:37
When we was teenagers, my mate had a thing for Beetles, which blinded his judgement a bit. He bought a right shitter & one day misjudged the swing into the drive, clipped the rockery & the whole body just slid off the chassis whilst assembled buddys choked with laughter. You know the lorry driver rain god in the Douglas Adams book? That was what my mate was like, that was.

23rd Aug 2005, 12:37
Did three rolls into a field once, wasn't driving but my accountant, who was, was a bit shaken up. Had a whel drop off on the M4 and the gear stick come away in my hand in central London. A mate burst into flames on his Tribsa when we were having a burn up on Madiera Drive in Brighton. We called him squeezy because he had a squeezy bottle for a petrol tank. Oh and had a 737 land in front of me on the M1. These weren't the worst things but in forty years of driving you tend to see a lot.

23rd Aug 2005, 12:38
May 2000 and I'm on my way home from STN in my then new (for me) Peugeot Turbo Diesel; overtaking a French truck on the M11, he pulls out, hasn't seen me, can I pass him? Going as fast as I can, don't want to brake in case I go under the trailer. Hand on horn, he doesn't hear it!

Almost alongside, he clips the back of the car - pendulum effect swings me round into a 180.

Now going backwards at 70 across two lanes, hanging on for grim death - is this going to hurt???

All of a sudden, into the stone filled trench at the side of the road, two wheels on the grass - I have stopped. Everything in one piece, just the sound of the music from the radio. Got out, looked down the road and I have just missed a twenty foot drop. Guess it was (almost) my lucky day.

Even now I always take a little bit of extra care when passing a left-hooker.

23rd Aug 2005, 12:40
Having marketed the aforesaid vehicle, I can honestly say that in 20+ years of commercial vehicle sales, I have never seen so many of one type come back, stuffed, [email protected] or whatever other term one cares to use.

Can I quote you as a professional witness?;) Large(ish) vehicle, tiny wheels, high CG not helped by weight of internal cage limiting the "enthusiasm"with which I was able to steer the vehicle. The only upside is that they are so completely gutless that at least I wasn't travelling at any significant speed when it all went nipples north.

23rd Aug 2005, 12:59
Airfield stage, running on the old peri track, field ploughed to the edge (leaving a foot or so drop off the concrete), long right-hander, pulling 90 or so, left front blows and drops wheel into 'slot' at edge.

Life looks interesting sat upside down, still travelling fast, 10 feet or so in the air (good belts/cage/helmets, no damage to people. Driver was annoyed because he lost the packet of biscuits from the back of the car, didn't seem too worried about the bodyshell).

Biggles Flies Undone
23rd Aug 2005, 13:12
MadsDad - Colerne by any chance?

23rd Aug 2005, 13:43
East Anglia (lots of old airfield stages there).

And I won't even mention my driver putting the car off the top pf a 300 foot high valley edge (no blowout, just brain fade) in North Yorkshire. Got out of that one fine, not even any damage to the car - we landed on top of a tree. It was the car behind that went off on the same bend and landed on top of us that caused the damage.

23rd Aug 2005, 15:01
At night, doing (about) 70 mph in the fast lane, going south on the A1 towards Leeds. Car decides to die - engine cuts out, lights/electrics off. Luckily road was fairly quiet so managed to pull over to the slow lane, which was pretty touch without the power steering. No hard shoulder but luckily a turn came up and I managed to coast around the corner at fairly high speed (brake fluid pressure down). Consider myself pretty lucky. Sat a while to regain composure, then re-started car first time and drove back to Leeds without any problems (apart from significant tailbacks due to my slow speed!)

shut that door
23rd Aug 2005, 15:27
Cigar lighter packed-up in the Aston a few weeks ago. Had to buy a lighter from a retail outlet, and served by some working class person who failed to address me as Sir. Dam impudence if you ask me!

Darth Nigel
23rd Aug 2005, 15:39
Back in the dark ages when I lived in Montreal, and was visiting my girlfriend down in Toronto. Decided to drive down to see Niagara Falls in her old Dodge Dart (which was an old banger back then, but so was she :p). It's night, it's cold, but what the heck...

I'm driving at my usual sedate 75 mph, when I become aware of a squeaking from the front. Slow up a bit, noise stops. Speed up again, squeak squeak squeak.

Slow down for a think. Squeaking starts at lower speeds now. Ahh, just coming up on a major intersection which had a large lit car park and a decent coffee shop... let us stop there and have a quick shufti to let the frightened mouse out of the wheel.

As I pull to the right just before the start of the off-ramp (still doin' about 50 mph), the left front wheel fell off. It fell :mad: off and headed down the road on its own. I'm now steering a three-wheeler, and from my vantage point on the LHS of the cockpit I can see the sparks coming off the wheel rim shooting around and under the car. Hmm, there's a petrol tank down there somewhere, and the car always did have a faintly hydrocarbon smell to it. :(

So we slide to a halt in the breakdown lane, pointing in the right direction (it's amazing how many people get out of your way when there's sparks coming off the bottom of yer vehicle). I got out sharpish like, and we waited for a moment or two to see if there was in fact going to be a fire. Sadly no, because it was :mad: cold out there.

Some kind person came back up the highway having retrieved the wheel. All the nuts were still in the hub-cap!
"S'funny," says girlfriend, "I just had the brakes done this morning".
Quick look at the other wheels showed that the lug nuts on all the wheels were at best finger tight, and a couple of others had started to unscrew.

And speaking of un-screwed, aforementioned girlfriend was a tad p!ssed-off in my direction because after we stopped at the side of the road, I yelled "Get out -- get out -- get out!" and then left the car. She was about to shout at me for yelling at her, but I was gone. She caught up with the yelling later :{

Lon More
23rd Aug 2005, 15:51
I used to work in the Noise Monitoring Unit at Gatwick. We had a mix of Ford Anglia estates and Commer Cobs - that shows how long ago it was - and used to monitor the noise of departing jets using Uher tape decks and B&O mikes. (The erquipment was probably worth more than the van.) Add an aircraft band transceiver and you needed some hefty batteries so the vans were all fitted with 24 volt electrics. This meant a humungeous battery was fitted at the rear of the vehicle, next to the spare wheel making it very tail happy.
Part of our task meant when the Runway changed we had to move about 10 miles to get to the measuring point at the other end in about 5 minutes. Needless to say we had a pretty high attrition rate.

I was out one day and managed to spin it about 3 times, much to the amusement of a following copper, who was laughing so hard he let me off, and ended up getting pulled out of the hedge by a dust cart. I remember getting more stick for missing several flights than for denting the van.

We got one Ford back from the garage after another incident and they had managed to :mad: the steering - turn the wheel left and it went right -

23rd Aug 2005, 16:01
I had a couple of occasions in Cortinas where the rear wheel bearings gave up the ghost.

They were a press fit on the half-shafts and the only thing that retained said half-shaft.

So when one went, the half-shaft complete with wheel and brake drum went one way and the car with one corner on the ground and no brakes or power went straight on.

Both times had to rely on Texas brake.

Maude Charlee
23rd Aug 2005, 16:19
Driving with the missus in a hire car in Florida on our honeymoon. It was dark, we were lost (dumbass here didn't think to invest in a road map :rolleyes: ) and I was chugging along some back road out near Tampa. Approaching a set of traffic lights, with a pickup truck right up our chuff when the lights started to change to red. Judged the pickup to be far too close to stop if I tried to stop for the red lights, so decided to shoot straight through.

Found the only T-junction in the state I reckon.

Remember whizzing passed sets of headlights either side of the car, then the road disappeared and it went rather dark as we disappeared down an embankment. For a split second I was convinced we were alligator food, as every embankment in Florida seems to end in a swamp.

Fortunately, my reflexes kicked in, stomped on the brakes and swung the car to the left. Just missed a dirty great big telegraph pole and brought the car to a rest more or less back near the top of the embankment parallel to the road. The missus burst into tears, and I just sheepishly looked out the window at all the open mouths and wide eyes peering at us from the assembled traffic at the lights. Couldn't help myself and just burst out laughing.

Nobody got out to see if we were OK, and as soon as the traffic cleared we hotfooted it out of there before Smokey came along and decided to shoot me.

Standard Noise
23rd Aug 2005, 17:12
Many moons ago, my brakes failed as I was on the way to work at West Drayton from Staines on the Stanwell Moor Road (?) coming up to the roundabout where the link road is from T4 to the M25. Sailed through the roundabout at 65mph whereupon a Met police traffic car appeared and flashed me to pull over. He thought I was some sort of madman, took me ages to convince him the car had dodgy brakes. They only left when the AA appeared and towed me away.

Aquaplaned on the A46 at Warwick a few years later and started drifting towards the articulated lorry on the inside lane. Twas in a Caterham 7, so there was a chance I could have squeezed underneath and come out the other side. Luckily the tyres found a bit of grip before I became roadkill.

That's why I now drive a Discovery, cos if summat happens again, I want to be in something big to protect me.

23rd Aug 2005, 17:47
Michelin tyres - turn 13 - the rest is history


23rd Aug 2005, 22:05
One monday evening on A1 1.5 miles from Scotch Corner, pelting down with rain, I overtook 2 HGVs. Seconds after passing the front truck it starts catching up and passes me on the inside. Pushing the accelerator does nothing and my speed is dropping. Engine had died but all electrics ok. Managed to get to hard shoulder without hitting or been hit by the second truck.
Took about 5 minutes for heart rate to slow to frantic.
Of course since it was chucking it down with rain, got absolutely soaked trying to see what problem was.
RAC didnt have a clue either, so ended up with a 245 mile tow home. Car started fine after had been towed to garage the next day.
Only took me a year to figure out what caused it.

23rd Aug 2005, 23:52
Never had an incident myself (touch wood), but my Mum is a regular (or at least she used to be). My Dad used to have a thing for nice cars and Mum used to have a thing for writing them off.

Rolled a classic Mustang many moons ago (that was the one i wanted garaged and given to me at a later stage in life). Took on a truck in a Truimph Stag one day and came off second best.

And back in the 70's launched a Pontiac into Sydney Harbour when she left the handbrake off and the car idling. Also left my brother and myself (in toddler form) in the back seat. Thankfully quick thinking bro removed both of us when it started rolling back down the hill.

Funny thing is, she is actually a really good driver and all those times never got a scratch on her. Although i think she had severe palpatations when she noticed the Pontiac heading for the water and hadnt yet seen my brother and i who were watching in amazement!

tall and tasty
24th Aug 2005, 00:09
And back in the 70's launched a Pontiac into Sydney Harbour when she left the handbrake off

That reminds me of a couple of friends who had had too many to drink, in the days in Greece when drinking and drivig were not such a big deal.

They were with the US forces and decided to see if a Beetle would float!

Forgot there was a corner at the harbour and went straight into it, they actually landed on one of the yachets, which in a way was better for them. The owners were in the town eating dinner at the time. They climbed out of the car and claimed that the hand brake had failed. The local police took the story as gospel and the boat owner was ok too! The damage was minimal. If he had not been, it would have been court marshall for the pair of them

TnT :p

Atlas Shrugged
24th Aug 2005, 00:11
bang the left tyre blows, no warning, You should try that in an Aerostar!

24th Aug 2005, 00:47
One of our F/Os in a crazy coincidence, nearly wrote off my ex-wife at a 'pinch' point on a narrow road. He was a really dreadful lunatic driver - no-one would position with him to the sim etc.

and I hadn't paid him a cent.

24th Aug 2005, 01:41
Had the No. 3 main wheel come off our DC-6 at South Caicos a few years ago. No worries though, we came home on three.

24th Aug 2005, 02:05
Bought an old Austin Princess "to do a few months" away from home on a course. Driving to said course on sunday evening northbound on the M5 just coming down the hill having crossed the Avon at Brissle when front right blows out, career across all lanes and bring it to a halt on hard shoulder, how we didn't hit anything still amazes me. Replace it with spare and proceed. An hour later M4 westbound just north of Cerdiff "blow-me" the same thing again! No spare left, sunday night and 80 miles left to get to Brawdy. Expensive AA call out of the man who had the keys to the tyre shop.

Dodgy remoulds were to blame. Car ended up on the range at Pembrey at the end of the QWI course. It deserved it!


Onan the Clumsy
24th Aug 2005, 02:07
You should try that in an Aerostar! Piper or Ford?

Atlas Shrugged
24th Aug 2005, 04:11
Piper or Ford?
Ted Smith ;)

24th Aug 2005, 05:53
On the M25 a couple of years ago - had a caravan lose a wheel as I was going past it - came close to hitting said wheel as it passed in front of my car but the motorbike in the outside lane got a very nasty shock as it could not have seen the wheel until it appeared in front of him.

M27 - a large very solid ladder - the sort with a platform at the top, laying on the lines between lane 2 and 3 - luckily it was lengthwise rather than across a lane.

24th Aug 2005, 07:10
I was 17 and had only recently passed my driving test. I borrowed my dad's brand new car to take a friend for a night out. Driving home around 3am (I don't drink and drive) down a quiet road, I could see blue flashing lights reflecting off the wall up ahead, so I dropped it to third gear to slow down a little. As I got abeam a junction which was to my left a car came shooting out (where he should have give way) and hit the back passenger side of the car. This sent me into a spin, and the momentum of the car that hit me made it continue round the corner and continue to hit me once again in the front passenger side this time (I was welded under the roadside barrier as there was a 5 foot drop to the pavement) and as most of the car went under it, I feel this was the reason there was no airbag! Having looked around, a gang of youths (about 3 or 4) got out the car and done a runner, the police took chase but got no result. My friend was in shock in the passenger seat, with a face full of pizza - and he wouldn't move, so I dragged him out, and then began to slowly lose one's conscious thinking. I have to admit I was pretty shaken up by this, so just sat down at the side of the road, having made sure the car was not going to cause any more danger.

The ironic thing is, that I had stopped right in the scene of another incident, where a chap had been assaulted (or there had been a reasonably big brawl) and there was 3 police cars, two ambulances and a crowd of people, all watching me wither away! I was smack bang in the middle, so help was given instantly. Ironic thing number two, is that whilst I was sat down, one of the lads who hit me (I presume the driver) came past with another lad and started blaming me whilst briskly walking away (probably trying to erase one's conscience). I was in no state to argue or even go after them (probably would have been beaten up anyway). The police were good and after a 3 hour sit on the pavement in the middle of winter, the AA turned up and towed me home.

The worst part was actually borrowing someone's phone and ringing up home - my dad was collective, but you can imagine my mum...............

24th Aug 2005, 07:40
Driving my dads car when I was just 17 he asked me to turn it round when he went to see someone, so being careful I pull forward selected reverse checked my mirrors to see there was a gate post in both of them and then being 17 floored the throttle to the floor to get some serious speed and wheel spin!!! Unfortunately for me the gate post in the left hand mirror wasn't the twin of the one in the right hand mirror (although they looked the same dad!!!) and actually belonged to the next house along. CRUNCH!!!! Severe loss of pride and pocket money and a big straight dent right up the back of the car!!!

heated ice detector
24th Aug 2005, 08:06
many moons ago on Hayling Island I decided to go skinny dipping with my girlfriend on one of the few warm summer nights, I thought that I would do the right thing by getting as close to the waters edge as posible for modestys sake. Unfortunately the Mk1 GT cortina was no four wheel drive, instantaneously I was up to the seals in loose pebbles, In panic I tried sticking my mums tartan heirloom quilt under the back wheels for traction but one quilt became many. Luckily there was a beach party a few hundred yards away and I managed to get a drunken reveler to tow me out backwards with his Pug 504. I can't put into words what an adrenaline rush it was when the T#sser refused to stop and towed me backwrds at about 50mph for about a mile along the beach, At least I still got my dip in if you know what I mean.

24th Aug 2005, 12:08
Many moons ago, learning to drive - still very dodgy, but managed to get it back to the house AND in the driveway without bending any metal, turned the engine off and very pleased with myself.

Whereupon the old man decides I wasn't parked close enough to the garage door, tells me to restart the engine, gets out and stands between the car and the garage door to firstly demonstrate how far away I was, and then to beckon me on. Nerves - far too many revs - foot jumps on the clutch pedal, car leaps forward towards the old man and the door behind like it was personal. I panicked, foot off the clutch and hit the brakes very hard, the car stalls and stops a foot from the garage door with the old man standing in between trying to do a thin impression. No damage done other than a change of underwear for him, I'll never forget the "oh, F**K!" look on his face.

24th Aug 2005, 12:30
Just after I pasd my test my father bought me a MkII cortina with a pinto engine, at about 2am the next morning ( I had been driving about all day ), driving along a B road far too fast a fox or dog ran out in front of me. Being new to the game made a hard right doing about 90mph and then over corrected to the left causing the back end to come round and the wall of the ditch approaching my head at a terrifying rate. The next thing I remember is waking up upside down half way across a ploughed field and having to endure a 2 mile walk home with concussion. Needless to say if a dog/fox runs out infront of me now the dog gets it everytime.:sad:

tall and tasty
24th Aug 2005, 15:06
Classic fun and games driing in the rain this afternoon. picked the little ones up from club and its heavier than ever. Get to the turning to the place we live and numeros cars Think not 0750 when there ar tons and rush hour can't start at 1500 so what is going on!!

Sit in a long tail back with sirens blazing Oh no another silly idiot who drove faster than he should through the narrow ups and downs, least one car is on its roof every month along here.

No pass the black spot and carry on at a snail pace. To be confornted with the blue police accident sign. Heart starts to sink as it is getting very close to the house.

Police woman in road directing traffic! Tell the children not to look. Car has lost it gone through the neighbours fence and ended up half way down their garden upside down. The garden is on a very very steep slope that goes down into woodland! 10 police men/ambulances/firebrigade and the neighbour in tears! Don't want to even venture to find out what has happened.

Hope the driver and all in the car were ok but it is still going on out there at the mo. How easy is it for everything to be fine one min and the next. I hope no one was in the garden, her car is normally parked where the car shot off the road.

TnT :(

24th Aug 2005, 16:34
I had a rear tyre suddenly delaminate and explode at 80mph on a dual carriageway, just controlled the car and ended diagonally across the inside lane, luckily friendly Mr Plod closed the dual carriageway and a tow truck dragged the car clear before any carnage was caused (other than a large traffic jam!).
All good fun!

24th Aug 2005, 20:18
Some silly french boy tried to park me and my landrover in. He was laughing his balls off until I put it into low ratio and proceeded to push his renault 5 P.O.S out of the way.

A cheery wave later I was trundling happily down the road.

Tuba Mirum
24th Aug 2005, 22:21
In the outside lane of the M40 northbound at 85 mph in a crappy Rover 214, approaching J15. Bonnet catch gave way (I obviously hadn't properly fastened it earlier), and the bonnet flew up in front of my face.
Put left indicator on and looked behind for a space. Kind driver on my left held back for me as I slowed, and then the poor sod was rear-ended by a pillock in a BMW who shunted him straight past me.
Net result was three of us on the hard shoulder, but I was the only one not involved in the accident, so after talking to the police I was able to get a lift home with the RAC.
Nobody actually hurt, but I still feel guilty about it :(

26th Aug 2005, 12:25
Crazy as a teenager and passed my test at 17 years.

Decided to take the car for a spin, Capri, my pride and joy and ended up on the roof in the a field after misjudging a double bend on a country lane. When the firebrigade got there I was in the seat upside down (stunned from shock and the fact I was alive). The car a wreck

But the next morning went to look where the car had been and it stopped feet from a large oak tree! Someone was looking after me that night!

26th Aug 2005, 15:31
I was buzzing along low level when I noticed a poor wee swallow/house martin type thing come in through the front of the rotor blades......I swear I could see a complete look of terror on it's face before it disappeared........instantly and forever :sad: