View Full Version : My New Front Lawn

23rd Aug 2005, 01:35
Well, it's been a hot summer here in canada, and my front lawn was looking a little on the burnt side, and was well beaten with my 2 year old running around.

Well, so I bagan my search for a good front lawn, what type of sod should I lay, what type of fertilizer should I use......

The search has been on-going now for over three weeks until I found ......

The Penta Lawn 2000.

Wow, simpley amazing.

For anyone wanting information on the Penta Lawn 2000, here is the info.


23rd Aug 2005, 02:23
While I realize you're trying to pull the pissers of all the conspiracy freaks on this forum, I think the "ad" itself is in pretty shitty taste.

23rd Aug 2005, 02:27
Your right, shit does taste bad.

If the mods determne it is in bad taste, then yea, it can be removed. I just thought the whole idea was kinda funny.
What's the world coming too when we can't make a joke about something. Does not mean that it's intentions are meant to disrespect anyone. I think plenty of people around here do that enough already.

23rd Aug 2005, 03:22
No problem Ot, I see your point, but I thought the humour was a bit too black, hence the comment.