View Full Version : how much?

22nd Aug 2005, 21:55
How much do you reckon Pprune is worth?

22nd Aug 2005, 22:05
Make me an offer. I'll stick it in the Nigerian account with the others.:cool:

tall and tasty
22nd Aug 2005, 22:22
I know it must have lots and lots of 000,000 at the end..........

but the question is how many :p


+'ve ROC
22nd Aug 2005, 22:32
Surely the goodwill alone is worth at least 5 Zeros!:ok:

22nd Aug 2005, 22:41
You can't put a price on this thing, baby!!

22nd Aug 2005, 23:05
Well, we get paid well and the perks are great, car etc, so there must be something in it!

tony draper
22nd Aug 2005, 23:52
Prolly a lot more than it is now during the dot.com boom.
Like the property price boom, like all booms in fact, it all has to eventually come crashing down, thats a rule that is.

22nd Aug 2005, 23:57
I reckon the value would be just about approaching the same in figures as the amount that the owner has spent on it.

23rd Aug 2005, 08:29
To paraphrase MatthewSoft v. 6:19

Lay not up for yourselves treasures in cyberspace, where virus and worm doth corrupt, and where hackers break through and steal.........

Whatever it's worth - due diligence would be a long process.

Evening Star
23rd Aug 2005, 08:37
Well, we get paid well and the perks are great, car etc, so there must be something in it!

Well, life has certainly improved from the days when Danny kept the JB mods in a dungeon at PPRuNe Towers and pushed a crust through the bars on alternate Tuesday's!:ok:

23rd Aug 2005, 09:18
Worth a few short nights and a severe bollocking from the other half? :ouch:

23rd Aug 2005, 13:09
Buying a computer - 1000

Getting Broadband - 30

Desk to put computer on - 100

Being able to read all the hilarious posts from the likes of drapes, jerricho, shytorque, parapunter, whirlygig and tallandtasty -

23rd Aug 2005, 20:54
I think Danny made a big mistake in not going for the IPO back in 2000!

Think about it, shortly afterwards, PPRuNe would have merged with (taken over) Boeing Inc. la AOL-Time Warner. The synergies were all there - don't all pilots here prefer Boeings, and don't they have a say in what their airlines buy?! ;)

Oh well, missed opportunities. Story of my life... :sad: