View Full Version : Air Accidents

22nd Aug 2005, 12:32
Why is it that when one accident happens, a few more tend to follow :confused: :ooh: :(

Coincidence? :uhoh:

22nd Aug 2005, 12:41
Poisson distribution, coupled with a bit of human psychology.

Aviation accidents are - thankfully - very rare, so they don't tend to get averaged out in the same way that, say, car accidents do. Infrequent events don't happen at a constant rate... sometimes you get quite a few close together, and we tend to remember these more than the many weeks when there are no accidents.

22nd Aug 2005, 12:50
1) We know that these things always come in 3s.

2) When there are lots of accidents, R&N keeps Danny busy so that he doesn't have the time to butt into JB... ;) :uhoh: