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+'ve ROC
21st Aug 2005, 19:28
This may be one for 'Agony Aunt Forum' so mods, feel free to move it should you so wish...

I am becoming increasingly convinced that I have got some rodents living underneath my kitchen cupboards. I have found bits of chewed up newspaper and chipboard in little piles on the floor and the cats keep staring at the area in question.

Does anyone have any suggestions (barring rentokil et al) ? I would have thought that the cats would have seen to it by now. Perhaps I need to get a bigger one?

Obviously, I don't want to go about ripping the handywork of Mr MFI to pieces and would like to aviod chemicals / poison as much as possible.

Yours in anticipation of wit and enlightenment.


21st Aug 2005, 19:33
There is a commonly-used device known as a 'mousetrap' that you may wish to investigate. Peanut butter makes an excellent bait and results can be almost instantaneous.

+'ve ROC
21st Aug 2005, 19:39
Well I used to play it but it took far too long to set up and I lost the ball bearing.:} I also found that if one wobbles the table, the cage falls prematurely...

No seriously, can one still get these mini contraptions of death? Where?

Conan the Librarian
21st Aug 2005, 19:53
Rodents? Are they estate agents?

21st Aug 2005, 20:12
Any hardware shop sells them, as well as peanuts, mice love chocolate.
You should be aware that mice can get through spaces of up to approximately a 10th of the size of their own body, they're destructive little bastards who'll quite happily infest any part of your house that isn't cat accessible.

I'd be less inclined to put poisens down purely because they ineviatebly decide to drop dead in the most inaccessible places, thereby stinking the place out whilst they decompose.

If you can't be arsed and are feeling wealthy, your local council will come and see them off for around 40.

21st Aug 2005, 20:13
I know where you can get a shotgun.

That'll fix the little bastards.

21st Aug 2005, 20:19
It is amazing how small a space a mouse can get through.

We had one in the kitchen the other night. The cat had been shut out already but I think the mouse must have come in under the door of the utility room. Our cat likes to bring them in to play with in comfort until they die and then they are usually there for me to dispose of in the morning. This one obviously got away.

They do smell really awful quite soon after they die but 3 or 4 days later you would need to move house if you haven't managed to find them by then! :yuk:

I would happily put poison down but that might kill the cat I suppose! :{

21st Aug 2005, 20:56
Poison. We use it. It fecking works. Poison the little sh!tes.


21st Aug 2005, 21:05
Ozzy you doidy waat!

Bo Nalls
21st Aug 2005, 21:11
I had a mouse once that decided to live behind the kitchen cupboards. - Annoying little B*****d as it refused to eat the poison or visit the trap.

In the end, I removed the kickboard below the cabinets and there he was - right at the back and refusing to come within reach.

A broomhandle with a sharpened 6"nail attached to the end got him though :}

+'ve ROC
21st Aug 2005, 21:11
Someone elsewhere suggested bacon rinds on the mousetrap.

Of course then there is the high possibility that one of the little hunting-defuncts will get a mousetrap on it's bonce...:E

I will mull over the shotgun and the poison idea :ok:

21st Aug 2005, 21:12
Maybe you need a hungrier cat rather than a bigger one. :hmm:

21st Aug 2005, 21:17
There are useful devices that catch them alive in a sort of cage they can only get into down a funnel shaped entrance.

Grain is the best bait to use in these.

Having caught them alive, you can then take them for a ride, drop them in a half-filled bucket of water or train them to fetch your slippers, according to your inclinations.

21st Aug 2005, 22:30
You can get mousetraps, with a permanant bait, for less than a fiver, I think they are called the "little nipper". Sorted the little devils out in my garage.

tony draper
21st Aug 2005, 23:32
I had a mouse visiter a couple of years ago,next door were having some noisy building work done,so it came for a bit of peace I think, fortunatly for said mouse SWH was on his hols, Iwas lying on the settee watching telly with just the desk light on and out came Mr Mouse bold as brass,so I had a word with him, told him I did not mind his visiting me but warning him to leave before the morrow when small white hound would returned,he took my advice and one never saw him again.
A mouse can be reasoned with, have a chat with it.

22nd Aug 2005, 00:24
I used to do the accounts for a pest control company and was told that, if you can get a Bic Biro through a gap, then a mouse would also fit through.

I had quite a good service for friends and family when I would lend out Beamish, mouser/ratter extraordinaire. Sadly, he died a few months ago. But he would never come out from a roof attic or floorboard void with an empty mouth.

There is NOTHING like the smell of decomposing critter; espcially under the floorboards when you're trying to sell a house.

Start underfeeding your cats and drop the hint to them that they have to catch their own tea!

Failing that Blyth & Wright in Sheringahm sell all manner of mousetraps. Sorry if that's construed as advertising but they're a very good, old-fashioned ironmongery and deserve all the publicity they can get.



22nd Aug 2005, 01:01
I don't know if this makes any difference, but I've found that having a female cat around will clean a house of rodents. They seem to be better mousers than the tomcats I've owned.....perhaps the tomcats were more worried about chasing the....female cats. Anyway, I agree with the peanut butter bait, have tried it works like a charm....also melting cheese on a trap makes it tougher for the varmants to steal it.:D

22nd Aug 2005, 01:58
Get these buggers
Use peanut butter fer bait
Watch yer fingers

Happy hunting

Ermm..big bugger of a jpg

T-Rex (http://www.doyourownpestcontrol.com/T-Rex.jpg)

22nd Aug 2005, 06:54

1 hamster wheel

1 big mallet

Go figure. :E

They can't resist them hamster wheels.

22nd Aug 2005, 09:48
My sister has killed six mice in her loft over the past week (5 traps set: two baited with cheese and three with chocolate). It's that time of year when they start coming indoors - if you have ivy or creeper growing up the house they're only to happy to climb up it looking for open windows upstairs.

Female cats are much better hunters than toms. Beware small female terriers - they have this horrid habit of catching the mouse, giving you a quick look at it in their mouth and then swallowing it live in front of you. Quite repulsive.

+'ve ROC
22nd Aug 2005, 14:14
Perhaps they are 'love rats' and they just repel the pussies :E

I am quite disappointed in the little buggers to be honest. They are both female and bring in 'presents' for us on a regular basis. I have even witnessed one of them eating a bluetit whole - legs, feathers, the lot. All in one go!

I think I shall remove the stupid jangly bells from their collars and starve them for a while.

Will keep you posted :ok:

22nd Aug 2005, 14:35
Try propping an empty milk bottle at a 45 deg angle with the open end on a brick, put a bit of choc in as bait. Mouse can get in but can't get out.

As said by others poison em and they go hide & decompose & stink the place out for days.

22nd Aug 2005, 14:41
Be nice. Purchase 6 small pieces of cheese & 1 razor blade.
Sunday thro Friday place 1 small piece of cheese outside mouse hole. Disappears every day. Come Saturday, substitute cheese with up-ended razor blade. Guaranteed mouse wakes up Saturday, pokes head out of hole looking from side to side saying "where's the effin cheese?"

Old I know, but who cares.;)

tall and tasty
22nd Aug 2005, 15:28
Hate the use of poision especally if you have cats all it takes is them to eat a posion mouse and no more cat, also the half life of the stuff can be up to 12 months so if you have forgotten you have put it down and children or other animals find it you are in serious trouble as a dose to a child means certain death and it is a slow horrible one. So please go for the mouse trap the one with the chocolate not the game, (but I do enjoy playing the game thought)

But a mouse can squash itself through a hole the size you can push a bic pen through so go around the house and fill in any wire holes that come in or kracks in the skirting board. A fav place for them is the airbricks too.

Make sure the cat is feed a little less and he will guide you to where the mice are getting in.

Or you can get humane catchers that shut on them once they enter and you can release outside far away

Good luck

+'ve ROC
22nd Aug 2005, 17:02
Hmmm, a mouse that can get into a hole as tight as a biro-hole eh? Sounds like my girlfriend's ex....

I still have trouble believing this little 'factiod' though. Surely they have skulls which have got to be 10-15mm diameter?

Solid Rust Twotter
22nd Aug 2005, 17:16
.22 Snakeshot rounds. Use an old rifle sans sights to get into deeper holes or just wait with a pistol and a cup of tea. Mouse sticks head out of hole and gets blown away. Be aware what's downrange of the mouse, though as this stuff strips paint and can make a new piece of furniture look worn in a hurry.

Alternatively, .22 rifle, supressor, sub-subsonic ammo (Diablo) and a night scope...:E

22nd Aug 2005, 17:26
Rusty's sub-kiloton solution.:uhoh:

Pierre Argh
22nd Aug 2005, 17:41
Suggest bashing off an e-mail to Eurodisney... they manage to control a big rodent problem.

Why, when visiting last Summer I saw a six foot tall mouse.

Solid Rust Twotter
22nd Aug 2005, 17:45

Understand now. You'd be speaking of the wickle European rodents that can walk along a blade of grass, as opposed to the horrendous man eating Angolan killers.:ok:

22nd Aug 2005, 17:47
An M2 A1-7 flamethrower achieves extremely good results as well as a pied piper. But they're hard to come by.
And you mustn't forget to pie the piper after he piped.

22nd Aug 2005, 18:28
Don't feed the cat for a week then leave it in the room with the mouse....