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21st Aug 2005, 18:19
As it's a matter of national security, the UK public cannot be told where their Prime Minister is on holiday.
According to a report in one of today's newspapers, he is in a place where the island's own publicity material describe it as a place that has "an upscale atmosphere dedicated to the indulgence of the rich and famous."

One quick search on google came up with the place.
Hideaway (http://www.wimco.com/mustique.asp)

Can we now expect to see the editor of the Daily mail in court?

21st Aug 2005, 18:28
The Daily Mail has dropped so many hints this past week .......... but I thought they were hinting at Barbados. ????? :confused:

21st Aug 2005, 18:32
"an upscale atmosphere dedicated to the indulgence of the rich and famous."

Surely he's in Skegness?

21st Aug 2005, 18:37
I don't think most of us care actually. :yuk: :yuk:

21st Aug 2005, 18:38
You may well be right Tart 1. The Mail refers to this as "the latest leg of his holiday" It looks as if he might be visiting a lot of the islands in that area.

I suppose that each one can only take so much of Cherie in a bikini.

21st Aug 2005, 18:47
Ohmigod yes!

That is pretty scary.

But not as scary as when she smiles. That mouth and those teeth are petrifying!? :cool:

(Not half as scary of course as her human rights work. That is a very big worry to most right-minded people.) :{

21st Aug 2005, 19:43
T Rex traps
bloody good kit keep yer fingers clear


Standard Noise
21st Aug 2005, 19:43
So long as he doesn't come back, who gives a s**t!

21st Aug 2005, 20:00
419 and tart1 The Romans always have an answer:-

Brevior saltare cum deformibus mulieribus est vita

"Life is too short to dance with ugly women"

21st Aug 2005, 20:07
Good simultaneous (almost) posting Tinny!!

Frankly, I'd be delighted if neither Tony nor Cherry came back. :D

We'd be stuck with bloody Gordon Brown though ............ you know what they say: better the devil you
know! :ugh:

22nd Aug 2005, 01:48
Activity is subdued, with little in the way of accommodations outside of its villas and only a few choice eating spots island wide. To be sure, this is one of its charms, Ho, ho - I bet he's paying through the nose for it. Blacksheep on the other hand gets paid for living and working in similar conditions in the tropical paradise of Borneo... :hmm:

Brevior saltare cum deformibus mulieribus est vita - or life is too short to dance with ugly women. That's why Bacchus gave us wine - it goes so well with the women and song. After a few good slurps of Old Codgers Codswalloper Special there's no such thing as an ugly woman... ;)