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Ian Corrigible
21st Aug 2005, 16:18
So, you can keep your Concorde, P-51, Vulcan, DA42, F-22, A340, Spit and Falcon - this has got to be the most beautiful thing in the air.

Get ready for an increase in reported sighting of angels (one suspects this may well be sponsored by the CofE...).

Sloggi balloon (http://photos.airliners.net/photos/7/3/8/895837.jpg)



Lon More
21st Aug 2005, 16:43
It's getting bigger


A Benneton advertising campaign a number of years ago must also have caused a lot of accidents - a poster with some 20 nubile young thing on it

21st Aug 2005, 16:44
Now that would help me get it up!!!!

21st Aug 2005, 17:22
Nice reg' on it too. :ok:

21st Aug 2005, 20:33
I keep getting "Redirection limit for this url exceeded" - rotten sods!

Bo Nalls
21st Aug 2005, 20:35

Jordan D
21st Aug 2005, 20:36
You can imagine the question - does my bum look big on this?


21st Aug 2005, 22:13
.... and the answer would be 'no'

is this the lady on the balloon? (http://www.lindstrand.co.uk/images/Emma%20B%20Sloggi%206.jpg)

21st Aug 2005, 23:34
No negative comments on this thread from the anti-thong campaigners yet I see. :hmm: :E

Windy Militant
22nd Aug 2005, 09:18
For those who are more interested in earthly matters you might want to keep an eye out for these!
Sloggi 1 (http://www.roadads.co.uk/sloggiclist.htm)

Sloggi 2 (http://www.roadads.co.uk/sloggi2clie.htm)

Triumph 1 (http://www.roadads.co.uk/Triumphclie.htm)

Triumph 2 (http://www.roadads.co.uk/Triumphclie2.htm)

All in the interest of science of course! :E

Dr Illitout
22nd Aug 2005, 10:13
Lets all hope that nobody does a "Y front" vesion!!!!

Rgds Dr I

22nd Aug 2005, 14:31
Seen in a town near me..........


Not quite sure why it caught my eye.......... :ok:

22nd Aug 2005, 16:21
A new moon in the sky?:O

B Fraser
22nd Aug 2005, 16:47
I always wanted my own "special shape" balloon and considered asking Camerons for a quote for a huge derriere in a bikini bottom. :E Finances and good taste determined otherwise.

Would Wonderbra be interested in sponsoring me to fly around under a suitably large pair of..... ;) ;)

25th Aug 2005, 22:45
competitors also inflate ballons :

http://www.airliners.net/open.file/904153/L/ (Sloggi in the back)
http://www.airliners.net/open.file/906691/L/ (night view of Sloggi)

BTW has anyone noticed the Sloggi balloon registration ?

25th Aug 2006, 14:35
it was to good to last , all tasty advertising is cencored in a flash :{ now why would this ad be offencive to women ? these are women on the ad are thet not ?:confused ? im sure there are real women who look like this and if anybody knows where pleease let meknow ?:E
but why wsa this cencored for being offencive ? i really dont get it . to pretty maybe and causing too many road accidents but offencive :ugh: no way !:*