View Full Version : The Everyone has to feel REALLY sorry for me thread.

Rupert S
20th Aug 2005, 17:35
I'm sick. And I was meant to be going away tomorrow! :(

Now no rushing, you'll all have time to feel sorry for me :E

20th Aug 2005, 17:38
How sick?

You in bed with your mum again?

Rupert S
20th Aug 2005, 17:39
And the dog....

20th Aug 2005, 18:23
So you'll have time to add numbers to your other thread then?

20th Aug 2005, 18:26
Sorry, but I'm usually too busy feeling sorry for myself! :{

Solid Rust Twotter
20th Aug 2005, 20:12


Used to live in shoebox in middle of road.:rolleyes:

20th Aug 2005, 20:19
Aaaah - poor Roops... http://atypically.net/smilies/vomit.gif

Rupert S
20th Aug 2005, 20:20
SRT, I can't possibly compete with that. Everyone feel sorry for him instead of me. He deserves it more.

Solid Rust Twotter
20th Aug 2005, 20:23
Well, if you get into the hot toddy and aspirin now you'll either be well enough to travel tomorrow or ratted enough not to care....:ok:

Capn Notarious
20th Aug 2005, 20:27
If your proposed destination is any good give me the tickets.
Oh and the spending money as well, cause you won't be needing it.

Rupert S
20th Aug 2005, 20:53
Actually I was going to fly down myself so you can just naff off. Might be OK actually, provided my ears clear up!

Capn Notarious
20th Aug 2005, 21:56
Provided my ears clear up.
WELL, balance, pain, loss auditory function, fitness to fly.
Nope send the keys to another pprune pilot.