View Full Version : Thieving little scum bags

20th Aug 2005, 15:09
Some scum bag has just stolen my bike. Just came on here for a general moan....humph

Kaptin M
20th Aug 2005, 15:54
What's her name - one of us has probably had a ride! :O

20th Aug 2005, 15:59
It's not Lucy Doorknob perchance?

20th Aug 2005, 16:08
colleague had his bike stolen thre time is a week.
He finally got a nice hiney new one and painted it a dirty patchwork of brown and generally made it look like trash. He didn't lose it after that....

woz it all locked up and chained to a solid post etc???

20th Aug 2005, 16:09
woz it all locked up and chained to a solid post etc

Yeah, that sounds like Lucy. She gets out of the kitchen once in a while ;)

20th Aug 2005, 16:41
Yip, chained to a solid railing with a decent lock. They probably cut though with bolt cutters. With any luck they've been hit by a large vehicle.....

20th Aug 2005, 17:12
Pure liquid nicotine sprayed on the handgrips usually solves the problem. You'll find the thieves about 200 yards from where they nicked the bike. Remember to wear gloves when you ride though...

Solid Rust Twotter
20th Aug 2005, 20:17
Spirits of salt on the seat would also get a pretty amusing sack rash going....:E

Capn Notarious
20th Aug 2005, 20:29
And one of them tracker devices in the stem.
Or summat to go bnag!

21st Aug 2005, 07:20
......summat to go bnag!
The M.I.L.?

There's been a spate of mangled, dumped bikes around here.

Seems to be the latest "fun". Steal a bike, mangle it up, dump it.

The apes will soon rule over us if this decline in the human race continues.

21st Aug 2005, 07:47
Welcome to Planet of the Apes.

21st Aug 2005, 07:50
Downtown here looks like a bizarre art exhibit, with pieces of chained bikes everywhere.

The thieves will take whatever is not locked down. If you forget to pass the chain through the tires, they'll take your tires and leave the rest behind.

Onan the Clumsy
21st Aug 2005, 13:29
You mean wheels right?

21st Aug 2005, 19:39
Someone stole my daughter's unlocked bike from the public swimming pool. Then they got nicked for drugs six months later, with the bike right there in their living room, little the worse for wear. Amazing! So, you never know...

21st Aug 2005, 19:41
These buggers really work

T-Rex traps about $7 each
And yes Ill bet you have got rats.


Dont get yer finger in them

21st Aug 2005, 19:58
Do you attach the traps to front part of the seat then? Maybe the handlebars? The pedals? :p

22nd Aug 2005, 04:21
You mean wheels right?

Hmm... tire looks pretty cool when spelt as tyre.

Windy Militant
22nd Aug 2005, 09:15
A guy I used to work with bought a flash set of titanium hubs and derailleur gear for his mountain bike. Because the bike had quick detach wheels he used to remove the front wheel and chain it to the frame. Parks up in Oxford one day, chains bike to railings comes back after a while to find that some enterprising scrote has removed both hubs by cutting the spokes off!

22nd Aug 2005, 18:41
I always chain my bike up :O
he he he