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20th Aug 2005, 09:54
A colleague at Tubthumper Tower has recently completed construction of a rather fine home-built car, in the Lotus Seven mould. His next task is to set up the suspension, and so I am wondering if the collected wisdom of Pprooners can suggest some reading material/websites etc, which may help him upon his way?

BTW, Tubthumper snr was, as predicted, grateful for the wealth of information on Assegais et al. His Klingon vocabulary has now increased by one word.:ok:

20th Aug 2005, 11:42
There's a book written some years ago by Allan Staniforth, The Race and Rally Car Source Book if memory serves me well, which has a comprehensive section on suspension design and set-up.
A bit late for the design stage I guess but the set-uo information may still prove useful.
It's written in a way that's easily understood and explains the theory behind its instruction, has an example of how to make a 'string computer' to calculate geometery changes during suspension movement and will usefully show up bumb-steer and other problems.
It also has, I think, a pretty good section on suggested spring and damper rates suited to certain car weights (obvoiusly you need to know the leverage factors in the suspension set up to make sense of these).
A good strating point though, old but still relevant, recommended.

He also wrote a book specifically on suspension, although I've not seen it it may be more relevant.

Lon More
20th Aug 2005, 12:15
Kit Car magazine has a book section. There are a couple of books there that might help

20th Aug 2005, 18:51
Bumb steer?

Now I've been given a few of those in my time, I can tell you, SC! :(