View Full Version : Quick as a flash

20th Aug 2005, 05:24
In my time perusing Pprune I have found it amazing the amount of 'chat' between the UK and the rest of the world, particularly Australia. Messages and additions to threads pass as quick as a flash.

This contrasts mightily with the situation not all that long ago when it would take 3 months by clipper to get to and from the 'old country'. In colonial times, when officials were sent from the UK to manage this place, every once in a long while they would be sent home for a spot of well-deserved leave in green and pleasant Blighty. The trip there and back, plus time at 'home' was obviously quite lengthy - the tradition of 'long service leave' was thus born.

Now, with a handy air ticket, I can get from my door to my daughter's door in just under 24 hours. However, those who have no rellies or any modern connection with the UK still have 'long service leave' as an employment entitlement. And it can be earned over a mere 10 or fewer years not the 25 as in days of yore!

Wonder if John Howard with his industrial relations reforms has his eye on this benefit?