View Full Version : PPRUNE FUNDRAISING IDEA!!!!!!! (Now that's what I call PPRuNe 34)

19th Aug 2005, 18:27
Since you're here, I'll get to the point.

What about getting together a book of the most entertaining PPRuNe threads over the past *god knows* how many years?

I nominate:

Best Pranks
Emily Redux
Selected Mornington Crescent pages
Amusing stories threads....

We've well enough to get a book going here!

What say ye?

19th Aug 2005, 18:47
Great idea! I think our 1st publishing effort should be dedicated to raising funds for all the (mostly) US airlines who can no longer finance their pilot pensions... :O

19th Aug 2005, 21:10
No point. Some swine would just publish it on the internet.

19th Aug 2005, 22:54
I nominate the "Success with Women (no joke)" by Jumbojetjockey.

That was some outrageous stuff.

For those that missed it (http://www.pprune.biz/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=173089&perpage=15&pagenumber=1)

(Especially the bit where Sally gets banned :E)

20th Aug 2005, 09:40
Yes, that could be a great idea. Out of all the thouseands of members on here, I'll bet quite a few would buy it (I would), and with a good title and cover, it'd probably go well to Joe Pub too - especially in the airport bookshops ;) ,

Though that might get our "travelling public" a bit nervous to think that these were written by the boys and girls in whose hands they were about to entrust their lives :O

And the proceeds? I would suggest either to pilot scholarships, or to a pilot hardship fund.

20th Aug 2005, 12:36
Do add in the sticky ATC Humour thread too!

20th Aug 2005, 13:39
In cyberspace we all have the opportunity to ignore anything with Mornington Crescent in the title. I suspect buyers of the suggested book would be less than happy when they find they have paid to read such tripe. :yuk:

20th Aug 2005, 14:38
Oh it must have the "Best Thing You've Seen Nicked" thread.... fell off my chair reaidng that one!! :ok: :}

24th Aug 2005, 16:41
Well, what about it, powers that be? Worth a shifty?

24th Aug 2005, 17:50
One has the entire "a trip with the Captain" in Word format... :p

The owner would have to of course give permission