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Kaptin M
19th Aug 2005, 12:56
At 70 mph (approx 120 kph) the cheetah is the fastest known animal.
Anyone know of any faster?

19th Aug 2005, 12:59
I'm sure an Eagle going into a free dive is quicker??

Buster Hyman
19th Aug 2005, 12:59
I think Pruners reading the title would get here pretty quick!

They'd leave just as fast too!:hmm: :p

Solid Rust Twotter
19th Aug 2005, 13:02
Peregrine falcon in a stoop is pretty quick.

19th Aug 2005, 13:04
fastest known animal

Or is it the fastest known land animal?:confused:

tony draper
19th Aug 2005, 13:05
Easy, the White Gyrfalcon can attain speeds of 160 mph in a stoop,and yer Gyrfalcon uses Miles Per Hour,none of this decimal rubbish.

19th Aug 2005, 13:05
So in other words, can you make my bird suck?

I Am Not The One
19th Aug 2005, 13:09
A Seagull impaled on the nose-cone of Concorde? :)

19th Aug 2005, 13:10
Some cows in Port Harcourt, Nigeria reached about 130 knots for a brief period early one morning. An A330 was involved in this, however. Still, your pussy would have been left standing.

And a fellow working for the US Air Force went supersonic jumping from a balloon over 100,000 feet up.

19th Aug 2005, 13:11
What about that chimp that went up in a Saturn rocket?

Superman came faster than a speeding bullet - which probably explains why he didn't have many girlfriends!

Burnt Fishtrousers
19th Aug 2005, 13:19
I am not the one

"A Seagull impaled on the nose-cone of Concorde?"

I think your little gull is going to be a little disappointed as it sits there expectantly in the bushes at the end of 27L waiting to be impailed:ok:

I Am Not The One
19th Aug 2005, 13:32
Ok, but you have to give me marks for "Imagination"?

Incidentally, why do you assume the Concorde took off from 27L at "Thief-Row"?

Could have been on a charter flight airborne out Singapore.

tony draper
19th Aug 2005, 13:36
The fastest creatures ever from this planet were the three crew member of the Apollo 13 command module,due to the accident they suffered, if memory serves, on the return flight they hit speeds of 35,000 mph.
Nasa landed men on the moon in mph and fps, thrust was measured in llbs and fuel was measured in llbs and tons.

19th Aug 2005, 14:04
Surely Capt. James T Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise can beat that?

eastern wiseguy
19th Aug 2005, 14:31
When it's my mate Fergusons round ......he would give the cheetah a run for its money:hmm:

19th Aug 2005, 14:35
Surely Capt. James T Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise can beat that?

Possible I suppose, but you must always remember "Ye cannae change the laws of physics".

19th Aug 2005, 14:48
Shirley there needs to be some distinction between landborne and airborne creatures. As pathetic as most homo sapiens are on the ground, they can nevertheless achieve a terminal velocity of 120 miles per hour in the air with no effort whatsoever. Add a little pizzazz with a delta wing dive, and 200 or so is not out of the question. :cool:

19th Aug 2005, 16:29
Is the fastest two-legged animal the Ostrich?

What speeds do thoroughbred race horses get up to at full tilt does anybody know?

Actually chaps, here we go! The league table of speed

Peregrine falcon 200.00+
Cheetah 70.00
Pronghorn antelope 61.00
Lion 50.00
Thomson's gazelle 50.00
Wildebeest 50.00
Quarter horse 47.50
Cape hunting dog 45.00
Elk 45.00
Coyote 43.00
Gray fox 42.00
Hyena 40.00
Ostrich 40.00
Zebra 40.00
Mongolian wild ass 40.00
Greyhound 39.35
Whippet 35.50
Jackal 35.00
Mule deer 35.00
Rabbit (domestic) 35.00
Giraffe 32.00
Reindeer 32.00
Cat (domestic) 30.00
Kangaroo 30.00
Grizzly bear 30.00
Wart hog 30.00
White-tailed deer 30.00
Human 27.89
Elephant 25.00
Black mamba snake 20.00
Six-lined race runner 18.00
Squirrel 12.00
Pig (domestic) 11.00
Chicken 9.00
House mouse 8.00
Spider (Tegenearia atrica) 1.17
Giant tortoise 0.17
Three-toed sloth 0.15
Garden snail 0.03

Check out the Water-borne creatures!

Sailfish 68 mph
Marlin 50 mph
Bluefin Tuna 46 mph
Blue Shark 43 mph
Killer Whale 34 mph
Sea Lion 25 mph
Penguin 25 mph
Salmon 25 mph
Trout 23 mph
Leatherback Turtle 22 mph

B Fraser
19th Aug 2005, 16:48
Joe Kittinger did his jump from FL1030 and went supersonic on the way down.

I've had a girlfriend go ballistic but that's another story :}

back to the story, check out Joe link (http://www.balloonlife.com/publications/balloon_life/9510/balloonm.htm)

19th Aug 2005, 16:55
Can you lick my pussy?

This guy (http://www.miggy.net/multimedia/preacher.htm) says he can... he sure can.


19th Aug 2005, 17:02
Would anyone want to lick your pussy, apart from another pudicat or silly dog that's been brain-washed into considering felines as brethren?!

I've tried licking my pussy in return for having my eyebrows "washed", I wouldn't call it pleasant :yuk: But if it helps inter-species bonding...?! :ok:

Anyway, who says female cheetahs are faster than men cheetahs?! Why isn't this thread entitled "Can you lick my dangly bits? ;)

19th Aug 2005, 17:43
A cat out of a 35th floor window goes pretty quick......... :E

19th Aug 2005, 19:02
what the hell is a 'mongolian wild ass'

Those crazy Mongols. You get a few beers in them, watch out.

19th Aug 2005, 21:37
A Seagull impaled on the nose-cone of Concorde?

I understand that a bird was unlucky enough to be spiked on the Space Shuttle external tank during the 'Discovery' lift-off. Gotta be a record. :uhoh:

16 blades
20th Aug 2005, 02:08
a 'mongolian wild ass'

...that reminds me of a route I was on way back in the day.....


heated ice detector
20th Aug 2005, 02:25
I think Kaptin M operating his right hand whilst his left hand operates the mouse would be very quick indeed.

Krystal n chips
20th Aug 2005, 05:42
The 's being taken out of the till and stuffed into the pocket of my former :mad: business " partner" moved at an incredible rate of knots over such a short distance.

Buster Hyman
20th Aug 2005, 07:20
But if it helps inter-species bonding

Only on JB will you find quality Beastiality threads!

22nd Aug 2005, 17:52
A falcon being sucked through a jet engine is quite fast.......

tony draper
22nd Aug 2005, 19:21
One begs to differ,there was indeed a Apollo 13, Apollo 14 fulfilled its mission though if I recal the camera was inadvertantly pointed at the sun so we got no live pickies from the Moon,although that may have been Apollo 12, ones memory of the events grows dim.

Apollo 14

Launched: 31 January 1971 UT 21:03:02 (4:03:02 p.m. EST)
Landed on Moon: 5 February 1971 UT 09:18:11 (04:18:11 a.m. EST)
Landing Site: Fra Mauro (3.65 S, 17.47 W)
Returned to Earth: 9 February 1971 UT 21:05:00 (04:05:00 p.m. EST)

Alan B. Shepard, Jr., commander
Stuart A. Roosa, command module pilot
Edgar D. Mitchell, lunar module pilot

One has googled it was Apollo 12 that suffered the camera failier,one recals Alan Shepard hitting a golf ball now one thinks about it, Mr Shepard was 47 years old when he landed on the moon NASA had the sense not to send spotty faced youngsters on important jobs.

West Coast
22nd Aug 2005, 20:50
My wife on her way to a sale at the mall. I've never seen my credit card drain faster.

22nd Aug 2005, 20:52

Ain't that the truth......

22nd Aug 2005, 22:35
A cat out of a 35th floor window goes pretty quick.........
But not arf as quick as my boot up your ar$e if you did such a thing :E

It's all to do with terminal velocities, you see!



Ian Corrigible
22nd Aug 2005, 23:13
We talking IAS or GS ? One presumes a high-flying goose in the jet stream has got to be capable of 200 kts or so...



p.s. http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/images7/Westie_Licking_Cat.jpg

23rd Aug 2005, 00:44
A Lickalotopuss is pretty fast too.

Biggles Flies Undone
23rd Aug 2005, 10:51
Shut that door - never take on Drapes regarding space! Take a look here. (http://nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov/planetary/lunar/apollo.html)

Oooooo - he deleted his posts :E

shut that door
23rd Aug 2005, 17:31
Sorry I got it wrong, you win. Here is a photo of the Apollo 13 guys................


Buster Hyman
23rd Aug 2005, 21:58
Nah! This (http://i.imdb.com/mptv1.gif) is the Apollo 13 crew!