View Full Version : Chiswick Skid Pan

Windy Militant
19th Aug 2005, 11:20
Having just been told we might be sent on a defensive driving course, the guy I share an office with was saying that he didn't fancy the prospect. I started to chaff him a bit about it and in the course of the following banter Skid pans were mentioned. This got us wondering about the old Chiswick Skid pan. With the demise of the old route master do LRT still put their drivers through a skid pan course before turning them loose on the streets? (er that's the highways not the dodgy chav rap band)

Another thought has just occured to me have they ever put a bendy bus on a skid pan! :\ :uhoh:

Perhaps a market opportunity for adventure experience day out thingy! If it's good enough for 007 etc etc.;)

Onan the Clumsy
19th Aug 2005, 13:21
because of budget cuts, they now wait for a heavy rain then go and practice in the car park at Tescos.