View Full Version : Mo Mowlam Dies

19th Aug 2005, 08:09
The BBC (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/4126986.stm) are reporting that Mo Mowlam has just died in a hospice.

RIP Mo, there weren't many like you.

19th Aug 2005, 08:19
kind heart and a clear mind

I will miss her.

Capn Notarious
19th Aug 2005, 09:01
We don't refer to many political types in here, but she deserves our kind regard.

Flying Lawyer
19th Aug 2005, 09:03
Very sad, and a great loss IMHO.

I thought she did a superb and courageous job in Northern Ireland, and made a significant contribution to the peace process - despite the (contemporary and subsequent) determination of Paisley and his ilk to railroad it.

Unfortunately, the overwhelming respect she earned from all reasonable people for those efforts didn't go down well with Blair - who sacked her and replaced her with, of all people, Mandy Mandelson. :rolleyes:

19th Aug 2005, 09:12
I will always remember the strained smile on TBs face when Mo got a larger ovation at the party conference than he did! A loss to politics.

19th Aug 2005, 09:23
There are few politicians one has time for. Mo was one, maybe the only one as no others spring to mind this instant.

You will be missed.

19th Aug 2005, 09:28
A smashing character.

Hope Mr Blair gives a little more respect this time round.


19th Aug 2005, 09:41
A terrible loss and a shock that she;s dead.
Sad month for the Labour Party allright with the death of two

She seems to have been liked by people from across the political spectrum, I think she was a politician who ordinary people felt they could trust and wasn't stuffy or full of herself in any way.

Extraordinary person and very brave as well.

People in Ireland will be very sad to hear this news.

19th Aug 2005, 10:20
Didn't agree with a lot she did or said, but sad to see her go.
Talented woman in a difficult position.

TV showing the ovation during Blairs speech. Thats when the 'whispering campaign' started I believe.


19th Aug 2005, 10:38
I agree it is terrible that people, politicians or not, are judged by their appearences. Terrible that the likes of FDR as well had to hide his disability for the world, what difference does it make???

PPRuNe Pop
19th Aug 2005, 10:43
One of the leading politicians without a doubt. She had the guts to be her own woman and would not be browbeaten by anyone.

A truly nice and gentle woman. RIP Mo, your legacy is your courage.