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Ronnie Honker
19th Aug 2005, 08:56
ZD Net Australia made the following report a few days ago, and it seems that the problem has still not been rectified.

Westpac’s Internet banking service has collapsed again today, just hours after the bank had corrected problems that led to yesterday's 24-hour outage.
One anonymous Westpac customer told ZDNet that after logging on successfully this morning, the user came back to the e-banking site an hour later to find a blank page with a top line of “mixed up characters”.

“I refreshed and received it again. On a third attempt, I once again got the "Sorry, Internet Banking is currently not available" box,” the Westpac customer said.

A statement on the bank's Web site this morning confirmed the outage.

"Following hardware and software checks, we have slowly started opening up Online Banking to customers. Although some access is now available you may still experience delays or disruptions today as we anticipate heavy demand during business hours."

Labelling Westpac's ongoing online access problems “absurd”, the avid user of Internet banking believes Westpac should not be promoting the use of the site so heavily if it does not have adequate back-up procedures in place. "Reverting us to their phone banking service is just not good enough,” the reader said.

The customer added that free, over-the-counter banking should be provided for customers as a result of the inconvenience caused.

“This is costing me time and money, and I’m not happy,” the customer added.

Wespac denies the problems have been the result of external viruses or attacks on the systems security, but declined to comment further.

Kaptin M
19th Aug 2005, 12:54
A fine Aussie icon.


Buster Hyman
19th Aug 2005, 12:58
I'm only with them because they took over the Bank of Melbourne...mongrels!:suspect:

Kaptin M
19th Aug 2005, 15:43
I see the *uckers have just come back on line - which is no reason to let them slip lightly off the hook...

Well, that;s the way it works in democratic Awestraylya!!