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19th Aug 2005, 02:45
Read Here (http://www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au/storydisplay.cfm?storyid=3648784&thesection=localnews&thesubsection=&thesecondsubsection=)

F/O Bloggs
19th Aug 2005, 03:03
Big deal.

If he'd taken the bus option he'd still be enroute to Melbourne.

At least he had a chance to sleep off his hangover.

Must have been another no news day on the Sunshine Coast.

Yawn :{

19th Aug 2005, 03:15
Read Here (http://www.btre.gov.au/statistics/aviation/otp_month.aspx)

F/O Bloggs
19th Aug 2005, 03:26
As they say,

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics.


19th Aug 2005, 05:27
A rivetting read:yuk:

Crap journalism at its best.

Bluddy jetstar, making the weather bad at HTI, then having the audacity to keep pax on the plane, obviously in an attempt to minimise turnaround times.
Lucky the Qantas pilots inbound to Bris could take over, perhaps that was another reason for the delay, the 73 pilots had to quickly do an A320 differences course.
Sucked in Cameron, shoulda gone to Brissy in the 1st place
Get a life, with all those obvious mistakes in that load of *****, don't you think the rest of it might be a little less than the whole truth ??:mad:

Stats only go to prove that over more than 1 month VB just as bad as JQ :confused:

jack red
19th Aug 2005, 07:41
I have never read a newspaper yet that allows the whole truth to get in the way of a good yarn !

19th Aug 2005, 08:32
Fair enough, just a REALLY bad day (it happens!) BUT- Can an airline have passengers at their mercy for 15 Hours and not feed them?

19th Aug 2005, 16:41
Do the QantasLink figures include the National Jet Ops?? I cannot believe that the 146 are that reliable. It could just be that I see alot of break downs but I would not have guessed that their figures would be that good!!

20th Aug 2005, 01:37
Guess which quality channel 7 'current affairs' program picked up the story last night - complete with quotes from Cam saying that next time "it'll probably be with Virgin Blue"?

Didn't even bother giving J*or QF the right of reply - might have got some facts then and spoiled a good story.

I would have changed parts of the story to "fortunately the plane was taken out of service at 7.25am - lest some failure cause it to plummet from the sky". Poor Cam would never have made it to Melbourne if that had happened. Anyway, what kind of lunatic thinks it's a good idea to set off for Hamilton Island if you're aiming to get to Melbourne (apart from Qantas of course)?

Neville_nobody - what are you talking about? Melbourne- Sunshine Coast is a Jetstar A320 and that's the only plane that was U/S.

EDIT: PS There is one part of the story that doesn't make sense - QF/JS don't operate Maroochydore to Hamilton Island do they? Their timetable says Melbourne & Sydney only?

F/O Bloggs
20th Aug 2005, 03:16
I think Neville is refering to the stats listed on the second link,

whereby Qantaslink comes out ahead of J* and Q.


I can believe it. The 146s may be a bit on in the tooth, but NJS

has had a lot of experience with them and are familiar with their

quirks. In my experience it isnt often the 146s tech probs causing

delays, but fail to boards, slow baggage loading, slow pax

loading (particularly with the ludicrous security checking at

Paraburdoo) and late load sheets that seem to account for the

majority of delays.


The Voice
20th Aug 2005, 05:05
'neath the radar .. from memory the reason the flight ex Maroochy went to Hammo was because of a breakdown somewhere else, or at least that's what I think they tried to infer in the story ..

I don't think the journo(s) really knew what they were on about and they lost the original point of their story somewhere in the way it was presented ..

another day in the life of airline operations .. some days are just woeful, hey Cam.

21st Aug 2005, 03:04
Do the QantasLink figures include the National Jet Ops?? I cannot believe that the 146 are that reliable.

Yes the QF Link figures include the NJS 146s.

Might be time re-examine what you believe. NJS has its share of woes, but they do dispatch the 146 with a higher percent on-time than the mainline 737 'classics'.

And this at all the minimum staff ports like Gove, Paraburdoo, etc.

NJS has been running 146's as the 'head of the fleet' since 1991. Maybe knowing the aeroplane very well is the key here.

As for the article -- so some little hungover bogan had a bad day?

Ask, if you could, the fifteen people that smacked into the side of a hill at Lockhart River what a bad day in an aeroplane is really like.

21st Aug 2005, 03:16
You get what you pay for. Jet* doesnt pretend to be anything else but a fast bus seat. Its funny how folks want to pay the same as the bus and still expect the same standard of serivce you got on QF/AN Y class.

Pete Conrad
21st Aug 2005, 04:20
Bank angle 50??? and Virgin don't? Come off it.....Keeping the air fair...yeah right!!!!

Welded Wings
21st Aug 2005, 05:56
BankAngle50, your right about the L1011 burning - fire burnt through the outflow control valves wiring (closed position) and the cabin floor on approach.
Acft landed, pax panicked, invaded cockpit, smothered cockpit crew.
Crew unable to carry out engine shutdown, engs continued to pressurize the cabin and cabin crew unable to open doors due high diff press.


21st Aug 2005, 06:17
I doubt there has ever been a better domestic seat than AN 727 First Class


22nd Aug 2005, 01:50
Pete not that i really care about VB's product, but at least you get the same seat pitch as QF and they actually clean the aircraft more than once a day. You must be the only one who thinks Jet* is anything but dirty, cramped, zero service, Ryanair esq. crap:yuk:. Even the Patty that runs the joint proclaims its just a seat. Virgin is not QF J class, but its a hell of alot better than Jet*.

Hows the crew meals and the EBA going? Haha!!

VH-Cheer Up
23rd Aug 2005, 00:58
Sorry, I just can't see the problem. For $29 the kid gets a tour of Eastern Australia, goes to the Barrier Reef, sees the Rain Forests, packs in a full day's entertainment and gets to Melbourne just in time to start on the night-clubbing circuit.

Errm... where's the beef?

I wouldn't be surprised if more 18-year-olds didn't start buying tickets on Jet* in the hope the same thing might happen to them.

Beats staying home and washing Dad's car.

Ansett used to sell tours less ambitious than this and call them Mystery Flights - I think they charged at least $100 for them, too!

Joycee, maybe there's a whole new product for you to develop here!

VHCU - out.

23rd Aug 2005, 01:14
The part that really peeves me is that this “kid” had the audacity to front up with $$$X (actually, paid for by his Granma) in the belief that he would obtain a trip to Hell. Now one would think that given his vast experience in travel with Deathstar, MTA, Qaintrrrs etc, that he would have known that to take a bus to Brisvegas and catch a Qaintrrrs flight (maybe) would have been the better option. I mean, how dare he assume that since he set the price for airfares with Deathstar (you get what you pay for), from Heaven to Hell, that he should in fact get a seat that would take him to Hell. Instead, this ingrate actually had the temerity to believe the Deathstar staff when they told him, hey we aint got no planes (talking to an expert here) that is going direct to Hell, but you could fly to Hell via Hamilton and get there around 4.30pm.

Now if this is not bad enough, Cam then slunk to the lowest level and told a reporter, and heaven forbid, made the comment that he would used MTA in future. Of course, depending on how one reads the story, one could be forgiven for thinking that for once, the reporter did not fabricate any facts, wrote what Cameron said, and had it confirmed by Big Simon W, and in fact, Big Simon W said it could have been worse!!!!!!!!.

I purposely posted the link only and had a wager with myself that within a week, all gambits of blame would be posted by whomever. You guys outdid me and I lost my wager to myself. We have, reporters fault, slow news day, airline having an off day, should have caught a bus, comparison between airlines, and of course, the ubiquitous, you get what you pay for. This would be a great industry, without customers. Some things never change!!!!!!!!

Ah well, back to self hibernation……………

Capn Bloggs
23rd Aug 2005, 01:40
AN 727 First Class
Arrh, the old M1 Must Ride. Those were the days...

VH-Cheer Up
23rd Aug 2005, 01:41
Nasa - your point is...?

23rd Aug 2005, 03:17
ah .. M1 .... sometimes it didn't REALLY mean "must ride".

Can recall sitting in MEL waiting for some seats many eons ago ... for whatever reason, the flight departed without us. Not quite sure who made the decision that we shouldn't be on it but, in the end, someone realised what had happened .. and that we were to pick up another aircraft from the next stop. You guessed it ... back they came to collect us. Hopefully the paying pax saw the funny side of things.

23rd Aug 2005, 09:39
I'm with you Cheer up:confused:

By the by, part of the 146s seemingly great on time departure record was due to the fact that they have no ACARS, you could get away with up to a 10 minute delay ( or more ) and the fact that they were flight planned at ridiculous speeds ( 380 TAS ), meant it was easy to make time up enroute.
In spite of this fact, their reliability in latter years was pretty good.

Pete Conrad
23rd Aug 2005, 21:50
BankAngle 50, I don't work for Jetstar and I've never flown on them...what I and others are sick of is Virgin spin.

24th Aug 2005, 11:00
Pete, so you dont know what your talking about then do you? I think you need to re-read my post; i would hardly say it was pro VB "spin!"