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distracted cockroach
18th Aug 2005, 02:33
Don't know how reliable it is, but I heard a rumour today about Jetconnect pilots in Christchurch receiving letters to say they are surplus to requirements with the imminent arrival of Jetstar.
Apparently they have been told they can apply for Jetstar jobs and will receive a generous discount (like 15%) off the cost of an A320 rating, or can apply for positions at the other Jetconnect bases.
Anyone know the facts about this?

Imagine a whole bunch of Australians being told they were losing their jobs and being replaced by a whole bunch of Kiwis who were coming over to live in their city and do basically the same job. There'd be blood in the streets.

I guess I'll reserve further comment until someone can confirm whether it's true or not.

God Defend New Zeeee-eee-land!

Going Boeing
18th Aug 2005, 10:52

Don't get too uptight. Everyone who has studied the trans Tasman market knows that because of the East Islands being two hours ahead of the mainland, all the schedules are such that it is significantly cheaper to have NZ based crews operating the services because there would be no accomodation or allowances involved (as well as the historically lower wages for NZ pilots). Each aircraft will do 4 sectors each day starting in NZ with a morning crew operating across & back followed by an afternoon/evening crew operating across & back. Each aircraft would achieve just over 12 stick hours per day with approx eight hours on the ground in NZ at night for maintenance.

It's the Jet Star Australian based crews who will be pissed off to see their expansion/promotion prospects go offshore to Sheep Shaggers. It could get more emotional than the Bledisloe Cup.

18th Aug 2005, 11:46
Jetconnect redundancies will only occur if the Jetstar pilot EBA is voted in. Admittedly it looks like it will be, but no announcement has been made yet.

Any and all job losses are a terrible and seemingly unneccesarily side effect of a ruthless, financially driven organisation (Qantas made a $1.027 billion profit for 04/05 - announced today).

If events do unfold that way, my sincere condolences to any Jetconnect crew who face retrenchment. I hope to see you all re-employed as soon as possible.

And please remember, anger and rage aside, Australian pilots aren't taking your jobs. Australian managers are giving us no (practical) choice. As always, it's "us or them".

Good luck.

19th Aug 2005, 05:59
Jetstar has offered Jetconnect pilots postions in their network (Aust or NZ) were ever vacancies remain. Disadavantage have to fork out for a endorsement albiet at a discount rate. Advantages, more bases to appy for (Aust and NZ), better salaries 160g compared to 135g at jetconnect (Capt), staff travel, super scheem, new A/C type. Looks like after 18 months cost of endorsement would be paid off with pay differences just need to swap seats for awhile, but hey command in timbuck2 forever verus right seat for awhile in new type... I certainly now have more options than 6 months ago...

Kaptin M
19th Aug 2005, 13:03
Holy guacamole - isn't it about time the South Island (capital Chch) got their act together and formed an airline that serviced THEM properly.

Christchurch.....Queenstown.....Hanmer Springs...and in between - is there anywhere ELSE in N.Z. that's really worth seeing??!!
IMHO, the SOUTH Island has it ALL.
And not only for tourists, but for people who enjoy a LIFESTYLE.

20th Aug 2005, 00:42

can't see how you will be offered 160K since J* pilots aren't earning that and won't you have to go back to the LHS seat? So pay will drop to 70K odd right.
I think you would get stuck there then, as the J* seniority will have FO's higher up coming across to take the commands as they become available! Not a good deal and you have to coff up $$ for the rating. Bad deal for you guys but not the company

Speeds high
20th Aug 2005, 03:50
Any help from the Union? (cant see it as the colour of the tail is wrong):E

Plas Teek
20th Aug 2005, 06:45
I can't see any NZ (Jet C) chaps moving into any left seat on the A320.

My understanding is that they are already taken by ex AN Skippers and F/O's with the occassional dreg left to some Kiwi sucker who not only has to cough up the type rating but also the cost of the ticket to Oz as well as cost of their Pysk eval.

Ah well. Such is life.

20th Aug 2005, 07:56
Firstly, It's only a rumour that Jet* are basing crews in CHC..
and if Jetconnect lay off the CHC based crews....walk over to PB and pay for the NG diff's course: or spend a little time with Ryanair on serious wonga...It's a big wide world :ok:

Plas Teek
20th Aug 2005, 08:34
And of course anybody can just walk up to RyanAir.

Gee, what if you don't have the right to live and work in the next Communist block AKA the EU.

Europe is all fine and well if you can work there. Where else do you go when you're still paying off buying the previous type rating, paying a mortgage, raising kids and attempting to live.

Nice if you've got the passport... but if ya don't.......

Luckily that's not me. Although I don't have the passport.