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18th Aug 2005, 02:06
Nothing new here but QF has formally published this notice to the ASX:

Media Release
Qantas Airways Limited ABN 16 009 661 901
Further information and media releases can be found at the Qantas internet website: www.qantas.com
SYDNEY, 18 August 2005: Qantas announced today it would issue a Request for Proposal (RFP)
to aircraft manufacturers for the future provision of new wide-body aircraft.
The aircraft would replace the Qantas Group’s fleet of medium wide-body Boeing 767-300 aircraft
and also cater for international capacity growth and new route opportunities in coming years.
The Chief Executive Officer of Qantas, Mr Geoff Dixon, said the RFP represented the first stage in
what would be the Group’s largest fleet renewal program since 2000.
“Qantas is looking at options for the next generation wide-body aircraft to strengthen its competitive
position and provide for future growth opportunities including medium-haul routes in Asia as well as
services into the United States and Europe bypassing traditional hubs.
“To do this, we are formally seeking detailed pricing and performance information from Airbus and
Boeing on aircraft types currently in production as well as new types and variants under
The RFP will cover a mix of firm orders and options for:
 Boeing 787 and Airbus A350 aircraft for use on medium-haul international, trans-Tasman and
Australian domestic routes; and
 ultra-long range variants of the Boeing 777 and Airbus A340 to operate on ‘hub-busting’ routes.
Mr Dixon said Qantas wanted a modern fleet that provided maximum flexibility, lower seat mile
costs, greater fuel efficiency and the opportunity to introduce the next generation of inflight
Qantas holds options on the Airbus A320 and the Boeing 737-800, which will cover narrow-body
growth and the possible need to replace the Boeing 737-400 fleet in the future.
Qantas’ last major fleet commitment was announced in November 2000. It included the purchase
of 12 Airbus A380, six Boeing 747-400ER and 13 A330-200 and A330–300 aircraft.
Since then, the Group has also purchased additional Boeing 737-800 and A330-300 aircraft as well
as 23 Airbus A320-200s for operation by Jetstar.
Issued by Qantas Corporate Communication (Q3311)
Media Enquiries: Simon Rushton +612 9691 3742 / 0407 786 809

18th Aug 2005, 04:30
wouldnt the 767-400 fit perfectly for the domestic and shorthaul international routes?

Beer Can Dreaming
18th Aug 2005, 06:52

Why the hell would you want to buy what is essentially a "dinosaur" when compared to the cost efficiencies and flexibility that a B787 or B777 can offer?
The B767-400 is still essentially a B767 with 1980's technology ( but with LCD screens up front instead of CRTs).
The 767 is still a great and flexible machine but is lacking when compared to the operating costs of the newcomers.

They could always do the old Air New Zealand trick and order the last run of aircraft off the production line such as the B737-200 and B737-300's.

Good to see the Air NZ of late thinking ahead and ordering the 787 and 777 - great move that.

Now only if the Qantas board will stop trying to cut jobs/costs and expand the airline.
How can they not afford to buy new aircraft in this day and age of rising fuel costs?

18th Aug 2005, 07:15
new aircraft will be paid for by the sacking of staff... how else will they find the money!

had to laugh today at the news of QF's new Record profit! but Jobs must go!!! (so we can get another bonus next year)

a funny comment made at the end of the story had chuckling! rising fuel costs, rising profits, massive job cuts, Only Investors will be happy! hmmmmm i dont see how investors will be happy with a company that posts record profits 5 yrs running! and has a share price that has gone Nowhere.......... dispite the currnet strong bull market.

Max Tow
18th Aug 2005, 09:49
Not quite so crazy, I'd suggest. Profits are historic, cost control is for the future. Now you wouldn't ignore a CB in front just because you had blue sky behind, would you?
How the profits are divided is of course a different matter...

22nd Aug 2005, 03:24
Terry McCrann wrote an interesting and unbiased article about Qantas.

Now I for one dont support the sacking of staff for the hell of it, but one thing he did correctly state was that if Dixon didnt embark on cost cutting exercises since last year, then Qantas' Profit would have been in the order of $300 million.

If they hadnt done the same in the last 5 years and implemented cost cutting targets and they dont raise the fuel levy on tickets then Qantas will lose in the next financial year.

How would we feel about that one???

Dixon's dammed if he does and dammed if he doesnt.