View Full Version : AIR FOYLE - HEAVYLIFT

18th Oct 2001, 21:49
It's official they are now partners!!
AF moving to Takely soonish...
HLA getting hold of two RR powered TU204,s as announced by Reuters

VP8 ;)

freightdoggy dog
18th Oct 2001, 22:07
Seem to remember that the Brit 707 crews got screwed when the 124s came, so what will happen to the A300 crews now that Happylift are bringing in tu204s?

18th Oct 2001, 23:38
As virtually all A300 redundancies have been cancelled, probably no cause for concern! :) :) :)

21st Oct 2001, 00:12
Try them out & then plan for bigger things!! :) :) :)