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12th Aug 2005, 01:02
10 August 2005


Skywest will continue to deliver the highest possible levels of safety and service to regional Western Australia after being awarded the tender to provide sole access to coastal ports for up to five years by the State Government today.

In a statement issued by Planning and Infrastructure Minister the Hon. Alannah MacTiernan, Skywest was awarded the WA coastal routes.

This award ensures the future stability and security of the airline and its regional partners, according to Skywest Chief Executive Officer Johanna Ramsay.

"The State Government's decision to allow Skywest to maintain its continuity of service to the coastal regional ports is a positive initiative for the airline, its regional partners and the State's tourism industry in general," Ms Ramsay said.

"Skywest is one of Australia's leading airlines and has been providing outstanding levels of service for more than 40 years.

"Today's decision by the State Government ensures that there will be stability and sustainability in regional airline services, and that the airline with the best track record will be at the forefront of driving and developing tourism into regional Western Australia."

Ms Ramsay said Skywest now had the opportunity to begin a new phase in promoting tourism in regional Western Australia, which now includes access to Shark Bay (Monkey Mia) and Kalbarri.

"We can now implement the positive and robust marketing plan that we have identified as the best option for the future growth of the airline and our regional partners," she said.

"Kalbarri and Monkey Mia represent two areas of regional Western Australia where there is significant demand from tourists wanting to visit.

"We can now incorporate those two coastal regional destinations into Skywest's greater strategy for providing unequalled levels of safety and service to visitors to the State, while investing in major regional destinations.

"Winning the tender for these routes provides an opportunity to Skywest for growth over the next five years in terms of both passenger numbers and revenues. Servicing the additional ports will provide additional opportunities to service the tourism market in the Mid West and Gascoyne regions of Western Australia."

Skywest recently announced record passenger numbers for the year ended June 30, 2004. In a statement to the Australian Stock Exchange, Skywest said that based on today's announcement passenger numbers will continue to grow past the 320,000 mark that was recorded for the last financial year.

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12th Aug 2005, 01:55
The " Honourable " Allanah McTiernen, now there is an oxymoron if ever I heard one.

Good to see WA leading the way in deregulation, and they reckon the Queenslanders are behind the times :confused:

The airline with the best track record ? Its a bit hard to have anything else when you have the monopoly :(

13th Aug 2005, 06:54
now includes access to Shark Bay (Monkey Mia) and Kalbarri.

When did they start going into Kalbarri? Are they making a bit of coin out of it? Good to see that nice new airport finally getting used :D

13th Aug 2005, 09:31

they haven't. Skippers were/are the ones flying into Kalbarri. I doubt Skywest ever seriously thought about Kalbarri before this change to the bidding. My guess is they're only 'interested' in it because they had to take it as part of the coastal network (i.e. Geraldton).

Somehow I seriously doubt they'd fill a Fokker 50 without making it a flight with stops in Geraldton.

(Maybe we should just merge this with the "Skippers Lose Out..." thread... it's pretty much the same thing... Funny though how the XR one is a 'positive' title while the SKippers one says they 'lost out'. All in the perspective I guess! :D

Capn Bloggs
13th Aug 2005, 10:46
All in the perspective I guess!

Simply topend3 up to her/his usual modus operandi...;)

14th Aug 2005, 12:29

i thought it quite funny how both operators claimed they were the winners in each other's press releases!!

23rd Aug 2005, 16:10
I for one congratulate the Minister on her decision and Skywest on winning the contract.

XR do a very important job well and are highly thought of by most regional centres that they service. In particular Monkey Mia will get a good shot in the arm.

Blue skies to you and bring on the pax!

24th Aug 2005, 09:40
Onya Wal - well said. Time for 18 I reckon!:O