View Full Version : CBR Flight Trials

Al Timita
9th Aug 2005, 08:56
Received an electronic media release from CASA this afternoon (http://casa.gov.au/media/2005/05-08-09a.htm) announcing flight trials of a new RNP "procedure" for Canberra Airport. Can anybody tell me what this involves?

9th Aug 2005, 22:59
Qantas have introduced RNP at Queenstown NZ. Believe the concept is similar.

I'm sure there are details of the ZQN procedures floating around the www somewhere.

Transition Layer
10th Aug 2005, 10:12
What about the rumours of Cat 2 ILS on RWY35 going into Canberra shortly?

Logic would say the RNP procedure would be for runway 17 though since the VOR/DME only gets you down to 1500' from memory.

10th Aug 2005, 23:06
Apparently RWY35 will be extended 450m to the south, and a catII will be installed and commissioned at the same time. Work starts early 2006.