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9th Aug 2005, 00:49
I heard that a member of the crew requested that they play U2’s “vertigo” whilst in orbit, and I just heard them playing “come on Irene” (Dixie’s midnight runners).

I thought of a few others that may work:

Beatles “Don’t let me down”
Queen “Another one bites the dust”

Any others?

Joking aside I wish them well.

Buster Hyman
9th Aug 2005, 01:00
Anything by John Denver should inspire them.....

victor two
9th Aug 2005, 01:38
Jerry Lee Lewis - Great Balls of Fire........

9th Aug 2005, 01:47

I think the song they were playing was "Come on EILEEN" ? The reason they were playing it was because the Astronaut on board who will be manually bringing the craft to land is Commander Eileen Collins (? - i think that's her last name).... can anyone confirm/back me up on this?

Fingers and toes crossed for their safe return tonight.


9th Aug 2005, 02:05
Quite right, it is "come on Eileen" and yes she is the commander.

9th Aug 2005, 04:04
I dunno, maybe Dixie's Midnight runners did a cover version called 'Come on Irene'.

It might have even sounded like 'Come on Eileen' by Dexy's Midnight Runners.

I think they also sang a cover of the Go-go's song 'Alex the seal'.


9th Aug 2005, 04:24
Ok Ok.......Go on beat up the dumb musically disadvantaged one.

"Come On Eileen" became the biggest selling UK single of
1982 and a US number one in 1983. The album was "Too-Ry-Ay"

By DEXYS Midnight Runners.:ouch:

9th Aug 2005, 09:26
"Come on Eileen" as a theme song?

Just what are they getting up to, up there???? :E

I couldn't stand the song back then, I still can't stand it today.

How about Bowie's "Major Tom," instead, as an inspiration to maintain their usual high standards of air/spacemanship.

Charlie Foxtrot India
9th Aug 2005, 09:56
Or Elton John's "Rocket Man"

Hope they get down OK!

9th Aug 2005, 11:24
How about " Danger Zone " by Kenny Loggins....


Mickey by Toni Basil.......:} :} to be played at re-entry complete with a cheering squad....

Goodluck to those astronauts. Will be one hell of ride coming down hoping the heat shield holds out. Hoping for the best.


9th Aug 2005, 12:12
Well it just landed then...
Perhaps a Ben Folds song would be apt!

"So come pick me up, I've landed"

9th Aug 2005, 14:27
My Vote: Space Truckin' - Deep Purple

13th Aug 2005, 00:14
What about "Drop the pilot" - Joan Armatrading

AT a Safety Management System Course I attended which used the Challenger disaster as a case study, the final presentation was a video of the Challenger mission to the tune of Cold Play's "Clocks". Check the lyrics, very apt.

Angus McGherkinsquirter
13th Aug 2005, 01:33
Come on Irene was the version released in Japan.

13th Aug 2005, 22:19
"come on baby light my fire"

17th Aug 2005, 14:41
Ship of Fools?? (sorry, that used to be played by my old sailing skipper as we left the mooring... )

How about the Oils 'Say Your Prayers'

... or when the weather's preventing a landing, Live's 'Lightning Crashes'

Personally I was once awakened at 05.30 on a camping trip by Nirvana 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'. Wasn't great at the time, but that riff at the start nowadays always reminds me of a great trip!!

Now if I could get the Richard Craniums in the flat below to cut their techno at 03.00 I'll be a happy man... :* :* :*

Flame away. I have my heat-resistant tiles at the ready.