View Full Version : Devonport airport to close ?

Waghi Warrior
8th Aug 2005, 23:48
I heard a rumour that Devonprt airport may be closed in the near future. The reasons being is due to the pullout of REX and also Qantas Link downscaling there operations out of the airport. The reason why services have been reduced, is because people living on the NW coast of Tasmania can travel the one hour or so to Launceston, and get on a jet for a cheaper price and they can also get direct flights to Sydney, Brisbane etc.

The new DOTARS requirements have also put more pressure on small airport operators as well.

Burnie airport will remain open, so I have been told.

Pimp Daddy
9th Aug 2005, 00:12
Qantaslink operate 2 x 36 seat and 2 x 50 seat flights each way 7 days a week out of DPO, that's been pretty constant for a while now, loads have dropped a bit but certainly no worse than other routes.

Southern handler
9th Aug 2005, 03:32
I think we we find the north west coast will be in for a few more changes - but where from? BWT has 3 REX and 3 QF Dash8 100 flights a day but DPO are carrying more with a current capacity roughly the same - one flight less once REX do pull out - BWT are losing a hell of a lot of people to LST - cant blame people when you compare the costs