View Full Version : Leased QF ex-BA 767-336ERs

7th Aug 2005, 03:33
Any word on when the leases on these expire or are QF intending to hold onto them indefinitely.

thanks in advance

the shaman
7th Aug 2005, 11:34
QF is all tooled up to do heavy maint C4 checks on these birds in there new Brisbane hangar so I reckin they are to remain in the fleet for the forseeable future. Maybe when the decision is finally made on a 747 and 767 repalcement (ie. 777LR/787 0r A340/A350 500-600) they will give the "ZX" 's back to the poms. By the way why do you ask two dogs.???

the shaman

7th Aug 2005, 20:31
just curious as to whether BA would be having them back - their fleet strategy is pretty unclear at the best of times!

8th Aug 2005, 09:43
Chucker............Naaaaaa mate, just turn them inside out!!!!!! :}