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6th Aug 2005, 02:08
ok, we all know its impossable to book anything with the frequent flyer points, but now QF want you to PAY them to find a seat for you!!

Most Qantas frequent flyers have experienced the pain of trawling the internet for hours trying to book a flight with points accumulated after years of airline loyalty.

Earning the points is the easy part, booking the flights that actually suit you is tougher.

But a new program - the Frequent Flyer Friend - can search for you (at $65 a year), and will email or text message you when a seat becomes available on your preferred route.

When Frequent Flyer Friend, which is downloaded onto your computer and runs constantly in the background, finds a flight that suits you, it will send an alert and email.

It will eliminate the need for travellers to be in constant contact with Qantas, often calling daily, to secure the right flight.

The program is only compatible with the Qantas frequent flyer program, which has about 4.1 million members, but it is expected to be extended to other loyalty programs, such as the popular Star Alliance.

Clifford Reichlin, the director of frequentflyer.com.au, said the new program would help frequent flyers with their biggest gripe - using points to make a booking.

"We hear every day of people's frustration in not being able to secure frequent flyer bookings," Mr Reichlin said."Frequent Flyer Friend will go a long way to address this issue."

from a business point of view, a great idea! but from a frequent flyer points member, another ripoff!!

6th Aug 2005, 21:30
It's interesting, a lot of people seem to have a moan about the QF FF program but generally, I manage to get seats whenever I've wanted them...but I do book sometime in advance. I even managed to get 4 seats between Brisbane and Sydney just before Christmas.

Business opportuniities exist where there is a need so if it's important to a person to get a FF seat, I guess the money will be worth it and the business will succeed.

7th Aug 2005, 00:15
Gday Ultralights
I've booked through the internet many times using my points and long as I have a window of a several days I have been successful but you must book early.
Cheers Q

7th Aug 2005, 11:40
QANTAS freq flyer points required Sydney London business return 256,000
JAL points required Sydney London business return on a BA flight 100,000
I'd say the QANTAS scheme is pretty good - for QANTAS

7th Aug 2005, 21:01
I let 90,000 QF FF points expire on 31 July. I couldn't be bothered making any effort to keep them.

11th Aug 2005, 23:41
i didn't think qf frequent flyer points expired anymore