View Full Version : Avalon Airshow 2005 DVD - It's Crap

Critical Reynolds No
4th Aug 2005, 04:44
This DVD is just as bad as the airshow this year!! For your hard earned $30 (thankfully mine was free) and you get a grand total of 40mins of highlights!! What a rip.

No real highlights. The editing sucks although the widecreen option looks fantastic. Lots of hand held camera action which I did better on my camcorder! The narrator sounds like one of the guys who was commentating at the show and puts you to sleep after 5 minutes. His interviewing techniques a bad as well. The gems they dropped at the show they drop on this DVD. One that stands out is that Australia had the BlackHawks in service since 1979. I don't think we did.

Avoid and save for any of the UK airshow DVD's, they are fantastic.