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3rd Aug 2005, 21:07
Wouldn't it be a blast if a panel of pilots could select the HR department staff!!

We could screw them with irrelevant pysche tests, see how they 'interact' using a group test exercise completely removed from any average HR department function..

What do these people really know about flying planes anyway?


John Citizen
3rd Aug 2005, 21:15
You can do that anyway.

Next time you get an airline interview and you get the opportunity to ask them some questions at the end, just ask them the questions they asked you, like :

- when did you last have an argument
- what are you weaknesses
- tell me about yourself
- when did you last make mistake
- when have you broken a rule
- what would you do if you stepped out to your car later home, and one indicator was U/S, would you still drive it ? what if you were in a hurry to get somewhere ?


Maybe you can even get the panel of interviews to do a team exercise amongst themselves (like a team orgy !!)

flying ginge
3rd Aug 2005, 22:07
Can I get a hallejulah....!!!

The Librarian
4th Aug 2005, 05:00
Thats a brilliant idea.

I still cringe when I think of some of the dumb a#$e questions jetstar asked me in their interview.

"Tell me of a time where you seeked information from a quiet member of your peer group"????????

I honestly believe you could go to many large airlines and sack all of HR, OH&S and Security and that airline would still be operating fine five years later.

Waste of space the lot of them ;)

4th Aug 2005, 07:53
Not only would they still be operating it would not be on the brink of bankrupcy,they might actually make a $$


Holding on
5th Aug 2005, 02:16
As part of my preparation for Qantas I did happen to talk to a lot of people and did a little research on the recruiting staff who were to decide my fate. Knowledge is power you might say. One particular conversation I had been told about did disturb me. QF mainline HR manager K.T. had told another HR person at a different company in the same industry that “I am supposed to be in charge of the whole recruiting process and I still don’t know how it all works”. Not bullsh$t either by the way.

Well there you go kids, getting your dream job might be closer to playing lotto than you might think! I’ve given up waiting. It has put too much strain on my family. Life was meant to be enjoyed not put on hold!!!!!!!!!!!!

5th Aug 2005, 02:50
“I am supposed to be in charge of the whole recruiting process and I still don’t know how it all works”.

That's okay. I could say the same thing about every aircraft I fly.

Flight Detent
5th Aug 2005, 03:23
Exactly LODOWN,

and thats why the need for PFEs is as important as it ever was!

It's just that most pilots won't admit they don't know how it all works.

long as one can read that little screen when it all gets wobbly, eh!

Not good enough, by a long way!!