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2nd Aug 2005, 06:34
Would appreciate some comments about the stability of Jet Connect. Heard they were expecting to get the Jet Star Flights but now appears not to be happening.
I have an option to join, but am understandably a little nervous.. Is this operation always going to be treated like the poor cousin to QF Australia?
What is the future look like, have heard the loads are poor as well.Help....

2nd Aug 2005, 10:00
I'm not a pilot nor do I work with Jet Connect, but I am involved with their day to day ops. Lately the internal NZ flights I have seen have been pretty light on pax wise, but I would imagine Air NZ is pretty similar at the moment.

On the subject of Jetstar I'm speculating that first off they will just fly across the Tasman maybe OOL-NZ and those types of routes. Also Jetconnect is supposedly cheap to run so could they make Jetstar any cheaper? I don't know about that.

If you are unsure about Jetconnect being taken over by Jetstar ask some questions of any contacts you may have as to what seems to be happening and try to sort through the different opinions.

If you take out a loan to pay for an endorsement and the company goes under how can the bank repossess the endorsement?

Hope this vague info helps you.

2nd Aug 2005, 23:51
Friend of mine left oz last year to take on a job with Jet Connect. He knew the pay wasn't great, knew he had to pay for endorsement, but he just HAD to get his arse into a jet.

He has his arse in a jet now. But he doesn't enjoy living in Auckland, everytime he thinks about the pay deal he gets angry, he worries about how long the outfit will be around, and he misses his oz lifestyle.

Thats life I guess.

Jet does not always equal happy.

3rd Aug 2005, 02:14
Thanks for the input, can't help thinking I am better off staying put, seems all a bit risky at the moment.
Better the "Devil you Know", if anyone else has anything to add, appreciate it..

Three Bars
3rd Aug 2005, 04:18
The way the airline industry is going in this region at teh moment, Jetconnect pilots will probably bid to fly the Tasman at rates that undercut the Jetstar pilots.

:yuk: :mad: :* :* :mad: :yuk:

3rd Aug 2005, 04:25
[email protected] replacing [email protected] They get what they deserve.

3rd Aug 2005, 07:31
Jet* launched today in CH to much fanfare and bull**it. Interstingly PAc Blue rolled out the exact same fares/deals after J*/QF's announcement. Was war of the hotties too as both airlines rolled out the 'pretties' waving flags/banners!

Here's stuff off site..wordy but says a lot. As for Jet Connect...

I must get round to that bloody NG ticket!


Jetstar is set to commence direct services from Christchurch to 4
major Australian destinations with launch flights commencing from 1 December 2005.

In announcing its first international operations, Jetstar will base 2 Airbus A320 aircraft in Christchurch to
enable a highly competitive entry into the Trans Tasman market before the end of the year.
Jetstar will operate a minimum daily return Trans Tasman flights to Sydney (10 times weekly),
Melbourne (9 times weekly) and per day to Brisbane (7 times weekly).

The low fares airline will also commence a new Trans Tasman route for the Qantas Group by introducing
a 2 times weekly direct Gold Coast service, with flights from 3 December, further enhancing Jetstarís
large presence at one of Australiaís premier tourism gateways.

Jetstarís commercial launch of Trans Tasman services includes a 39,000 Seat Sale, now open with all
inclusive web fares at $139 at Jetstar.com.
The sale will end at midnight Wednesday 10 August 2005,
unless seats sell out prior.

Jetstar Chief Executive Alan Joyce said Jetstar was excited to take up the competitive challenge on the
Trans Tasman after a strong Australian domestic launch since May 2004, which has seen over 5 Ĺ
million customers already fly Jetstar to 17 existing destinations, over 50% of which have flown for under

Mr Joyce said Jetstarís commencement onto some international markets was the next logical step in the
carrierís ongoing development and growth profile, without ignoring future market opportunities.

ďJetstarís strategic entry onto the Trans Tasman will focus on the delivery of low fare, customer friendly
leisure services from Christchurch to major Australia destinations, growing the Qantas Groupís overall
market presence,Ē Mr Joyce said.

ďJetstarís goal in Australia was to make every day air travel far more accessible to far more people. In
little more than 12 months we believe weíve done just that, and our approach will remain the same
starting Trans Tasman flights.

ďJetstar will be a highly competitive brand on the Trans Tasman, launching with new aircraft, an
appealing and innovative in-flight service featuring the first time introduction of preference seating at
point of booking with Jetstar.com, passenger seat allocation and popular consumer products for sale.

ďThese launch fares represent Jetstarís commitment to being the low fares leader on the Trans Tasman.

ďJetstarís arrival on the Trans Tasman will increase weekly seat capacity for the Qantas Group by
almost 1500 seats, but importantly better realign Group services to allow for Jetstarís low fare entry.
Jetstar will also offer more weekly flights from Melbourne, as well as new direct services from the Gold

ďThe core efficiency and cost containment elements driving Jetstarís existing performance in Australia
and delivery of low fares will be transferred to its future Trans Tasman operations. This includes a
predicted high percentage of online sales, workplace efficiencies and use of our new A320 fleet.Ē

Mr Joyce was joined in Christchurch for todayís launch by Christchurch International Airport CEO
George Bellew and representatives from Christchurch City Council and Christchurch and Canterbury
Mr Joyce said by positioning 2 Airbus A320s in Christchurch, similarly configured in one class for 177
passengers, would maintain cost advantages from a New Zealand base and create new jobs in crewing
and airport services in the South Island city.
The creation by Jetstar of an aircraft base in Christchurch will deliver up to 100 direct jobs.

ďAn Expression of Interest for members of our existing pilot group to be based in Christchurch has been
offered, whilst cabin crew, airport staff, engineers and additional pilots, if required, will be supplied by
New Zealand based providers,Ē Mr Joyce said.

ďExisting Australian based Jetstar staff will feature in our new Trans Tasman operations at respective
Australian ports. Jetstarís Melbourne based call centre will also boost staff levels along with extended
operating hours each day.
Jetstarís A320 operations on the Trans Tasman will feature all leather, extra wide seats for in-flight
comfort, as well as including optional video on demand entertainment units for the latest movies and TV
shows. A popular food and beverage selection, including hot meals, will be available for sale in-flight.

Mr Joyce said Jetstarís A320 fleet program remained on track to number 23 and an all A320 fleet by mid
2006. Future heavy maintenance of the A320 aircraft used on the Trans Tasman will occur at Jetstarís
existing maintenance base situated at Newcastle Airport in Australia.

Trans Tasman operations will grow Jetstarís network to 19 destinations. After regulatory approval, its
fleet and crew base in Christchurch will see the aircraft remain under an Australian Air Operators
Certificate but allow the airline to maintain major cost advantages from its New Zealand set-up.

Qantas Frequent Flyer members can earn Frequent Flyer points and Status credits when flying on a
Jetstar JetFlex fare. Qantas Frequent Flyers may also redeem Frequent Flyer points on Jetstar Trans
Tasman services. All Jetstar ticket holders who are also Qantas Club Members continue to have access
to Qantas Club lounges when travelling.

3rd Aug 2005, 08:08
there go's more freight transport capability down the tubes....,
chc-mel should at least have a 767 or other similar widebody 2 or 3 times a week to cater for the freight, emirates was certainly carrying plenty

Big Jan
3rd Aug 2005, 08:53
You are absoloutely right Schnauzer, those Australian Airlines (Qantas) [email protected] have been well and truly replaced.:{

3rd Aug 2005, 09:33
Big Jan.
Unfortunately [or fortunately depending how you look at it]"they" are now at a distinct minority on the 73 with QF.

Soon the bus drivers to the airport will be on higher wages!:mad:

3rd Aug 2005, 09:44
Looks like those JetStar Pro,s have signed an EBA to under cut Jet Connect. Lowest Airbus drivers in the world good job Guys.

Arsey Eight
3rd Aug 2005, 10:32

Ahhh.....what can I say you tool. Before shooting your mouth off, Jetstar pilots (aka pro's as you call them) HAVEN'T signed an EBA. Jetstar pilots HAVEN'T even voted on their upcoming EBA.

And i'm curious champ, can you please supply some facts on the wages of Jetstar Airbus drivers compared with everyone else around the globe.....just so you can back up your accusation. Look forward to reading it! :ok:

TAY 611
3rd Aug 2005, 20:51
So where do you think Jet Connect fits into all of this?

Three Bars
3rd Aug 2005, 22:25
whilst cabin crew, airport staff, engineers and additional pilots, if required, will be supplied by New Zealand based providers" Mr Joyce said.

So there must still be some pilots in NZ prepared to work for less than even Australian Jetstar pilots.

Forgive me Mr Joyce if I don't get all excited about your announcement.

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

Ron & Edna Johns
3rd Aug 2005, 23:44
My info is that JetStar pilots have been getting increasingly worried about being undercut by Jit Connict pilots being rolled into JetStar. So, is this what is about to happen? "OK, you blokes, move to CHC, here are the T&C's, too bad if they're a bit less than what you're on now, if you don't take it up we'll give the work to Jit Connict blokes".....

We've seen this bullying tactic by Qantas time and time again over the last couple of years. What a disgrace. Engagement? ENGAGEMENT??

If only the JetStar blokes would JOIN BLOODY AIPA. That might stop them being used as a lever against mainline pilots AND, AND, AND, a single, unified pilots' assoc could protect THEM from this sort of thing. But is that going to happen? :suspect:

I despair for this industry. In 5 years time it will be dead. For God's sake, Sydney train drivers are earning more than Jit Connict blokes! Wannabees, I'm serious, please, do yourselves a favour, go do a B.Bus or something instead. Save yourself the grief!

4th Aug 2005, 00:26
Arsey Eight,

I will save 'Expanding' having to reply to your question by referring you to this thread. Check out page 5.


Arsey Eight
4th Aug 2005, 01:10
Ok....lets be realistic. Compare apples & apples. Not apples & pears. I hear Ryanair guys pay for their uniforms, and someone mentioned sim cyclics recently, but i have no proof and don't really care. I certainly am not going to sit here and slate the conditions they have.

Cathay & Dragon are not low cost carriers. Remember, if there is bugger all yield, you can't command massive salaries. It ain't rocket science.

And secondly, if the Jetstar or Jetconnect fella's didnt like the job or pay, no one is forcing a gun to their heads to work for them. People have a choice. You don't seem to see any of them ranting and raving on the likes of pprune venting their anger at the job. Its the sideline commentators that crack me up that either aren't pilots, or are wannabes etc.

Pete Conrad
4th Aug 2005, 01:33
Hysteria aside folks,

The NZ Jetstar model will be fluid for some time after it's inception. If you seriously think that whats on the table now will be the same in 12 even 18 months time your kidding yourself.

Theres no point slagging off at Jetconnect and the people that work there. Bare in mind, Jetconnect took over the AWOS contract in NZ after Ansett collapsed and Qantas took 100% control of the company after that. The majority of guys that work at Jetconnect are ex Ansett Australia, some Australian regional guys and ex Ansett New Zealand guys. The company started off doing domestic NZ flying, something QF mainline never did, so nothing was sc#bbed there and the slight bit of trans Tasman work that Jetconnect got, is nothing compared to what Jetstar has taken off QF mainline.

Why get stuck into Jetconnect pilots when over 80% of them lost their job in Aus and NZ and needed a job to support themselves and their family? They hardly undercut anyone, they didn't have a job and had to accept what was on offer! Correct me if I'm wrong, but were Impulse pilots not facing the same situation just before Qantas bought them and again when the Jetstar model was being auctioned in the QF group?

Both Jetconnect and Jetstar are an important tool in the Qantas arsenal and hence you will ultimately find that BOTH will continue to operate in a trans Tasman role and domestic NZ role.

At the end of the day after all the sc#b comments and vitriol directed at Jetconnect and to a lesser extent Jetstar are vented, nothing anyone can do will change the situation, so we all just better accept it for what it is. That being that Jetconnect and Jetstar will be around for a long time to come.

Borneo Wild Man
4th Aug 2005, 02:36
Come on Bro,youll miss talking to Turkmenbashi and Afgan control in the middle of the night on those 12 hr sectors.

Went to PER the other day,felt really weird-it was daylight!!!!!!!

4th Aug 2005, 09:34
Arsey 8,

yes it ain't rocket science but your hypothesis is incorrect. I can assure you, the two drivers (eg. 737 & 320) salaries have very little effect on the per passenger fare...there are many other overheads more significant, the biggest being fuel of course.
Do yourself a favour - take a look at any aviation management journal.
Nonetheless, if there are enough willing participants then why would management pay more? Supply and demand!