View Full Version : REX pulls out of DPO

Southern handler
1st Aug 2005, 10:10
ZL pulls out of DPO effective 19 Sep.


southern handler\

Eastwest Loco
1st Aug 2005, 12:31
Well butter me on both sides and call me Barbara!

You are quick off the mark Pierre!!!

Geoff B was in my office today, so it is public knowledge now.

It is a great shame, but inevitable as one middle of the day flight with no oncarriage to speak of spells lowest yield. Non viable.

Rex survived the Ansett collapse and have moved on wonderfully. This speaks volumes for those who held the girl together at the worst of times, and recognition of a route that is non sustainable and its cauterisation only bolsters an already high opinion I held of the operation.

DPO had to go, as the traffic it attracted was of little or no commercial value due to flight time. The aeroplane will no doubt be of more use on higher volume routes.

Thankfully we will be able to sell them on many mainland routes, and never consider the white winged wonder a second choice.

Go you good thang and maybe one day we will greet the little SAABs back.

I will miss them.

Best all