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1st Aug 2005, 03:38
From SMH 01/08/2005


Qantas also won't rule out the possibility of surrendering more of its low-yielding international routes - such as Honolulu - to Australian Airlines. The Cairns subsidiary will have its new enterprise agreement with its 300 flight attendants certified in the Federal Industrial Relations Commission today.

The new agreement will allow Australian Airlines to use aircraft other than its fleet of 767s, unlimited access to hire foreign crews and the flexibility to fly to time zones more than four hours away from Cairns.

Qantas low-cost subsidiary Jetstar is also expected to detail its plans to launch New Zealand services within the next week.

There is speculation Qantas could cede some of its trans-Tasman services to Jetstar.

It is even suggested Qantas could look to use Jetstar to operate its full-service trans-Tasman flights.

About one-quarter of Qantas's trans-Tasman services are already operated by its low-cost Wellington subsidiary, Jetconnect.


It is hard not to get the feeling that more and more Qantas is just becoming a holding company for a bunch of low cost airlines :\

1st Aug 2005, 04:48
Also in the article near the end it said GD was set to announce his retirement only 1 year into a 3 year contract. I have said to people at work that I could not see him staying around, because the only way for QF now is down. This is because costs overall have pretty well been cut, so now senior management need to perform and not just by saying we have to cut costs.