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31st Jul 2005, 21:25
Considering the previous EBA has expired things are a little too quiet. Any news of worth from the current meetings ?

1st Aug 2005, 00:20
I've been in this business for a long time and I'm yet to hear any news of worth coming from any meeting!!:(

1st Aug 2005, 00:58
there was a lot of interesting discussion on the EBA during the meetings. Particularly regarding work rules and overtime. Just ask around on line and I'm sure someone will fill you in on all the details.

1st Aug 2005, 01:16

I have, they have'nt.

3% and overtime after 75 hrs is what I hear. Just a tad different from the proposal is it not.

Good test for the Feds this one.

Break Right
1st Aug 2005, 20:43
From what i saw at the brissy meeting nearly everyone is obviously happy with the money that we are on and are more concerned with their rosters and lifestyles,dont get me wrong this issue is very bl00dy important. Everyone must be very happy with the proposed .2% payrise after inflation!!!!! A real slap in the face, well done boys. cya!! :ugh:

Kaptin M
1st Aug 2005, 23:53
overtime after 75 hrs
How about getting Bob Hawke to negotiate for you???
After all, he SUPPORTED the previous Ansett, Australian, East-West pilots being paid overtime over 50 (or was it 55) hours.
PAGING BOB HAWKE...BOB HAWKE...would BOB HAWKE please report to the Virgin Blue pilots' negotiating table please.

2nd Aug 2005, 00:40
That only worked because of the turncoats Kap !

It's a level playing field now. :D

Beer Can Dreaming
2nd Aug 2005, 01:05
Very good point about Bob Hawke.

Why the hell dont the IALPA and whoever negotiates for VB stop screwing around by negotiating themselves (Tech crew I mean) and get serious by employing a hard line, full-time professional negotiator such as Bob Hawke.

Now Kap M, I dont like the man and hated what he did/said in 89, how he co-horted with his silver-headed mate and what ultimately transpired, but if some union could put someone like himself on a retainer and come in for EBA negotiations only then pilots everywhere could benefit.

Negotiation on behalf of unions (not politics) was his forte and it would cost a mint, but if this guy could do positives for aircrew in Oz then he just may be able to redeem himself.

In my opinion pilot groups doing their own negotiating doesnt seem to work.

By the way, who negotiates the VB EBA??

3rd Aug 2005, 01:00
Now that their airline is 'up-n-running', respected and evidently secure with a good market base, have the VB pilots considered a position which recognizes the oz-industry benchmark for 737 pay; QF equivalency or close?

VB pilots may be 'happy with the money' but I've observed in many companies and circumstances that what seemed like a good deal when one was young or new, aspirational and impressionable fades when one realizes you've accepted a lower set of conditions for the same employer-driven prefessional expectations. The same might be said of Jetstar pilots.

As has been often said, pilots are our own worst enemy, and in the desire to get/hold that 'jet job' we have a habit of undercutting established norms when, surely, a little bit of patience and grit when airlines need pilots WILL still ensure you get that job AND the benchmark conditions which go with it! (Any NJS 717 pilots listening?)

Regardless of what cost-model an airline is (QF/VB/JS/Ozjet), the pilot's responsibility on the pointy side of the flight-deck security door is unchanged! So, in my Utopia, all the A320/737-class pilots in Oz would get similar money and the principal would extend to all classes of commercial flying. Oh, and it might cut down the B/S company tactics of telling some they're not competitive because others are cheaper!

My comment is about pilots' anecdotally poor skills for negotiation and assessment of true employment factors. I don't rate myself highly in this department either, and I'm not having a go at anyone in particular because I know everyone has committments and choices etc.

VB pilots, I wish you the remuneration you deserve. Your company, which by most accounts is good to it's people, will still not pay you what you don't negotiate. Good luck, because I'd be pleased to see a reversal the downward pressure in Oz-pilot conditions.

Any thoughts?

Chilli Muscle
3rd Aug 2005, 02:17
Ryanair pay might be a good benchmark to work with.
Captains up to 100,000 Sterling
( or AUD $250,000 )
FO up to 70,000 sterling
( or AUD $175,000 )

Ryanair is a no frills low cost carrier just like Virgin and Jetstar.:ok:

3rd Aug 2005, 10:50
100,000 sterling living in the UK is the same as AUD$100,000 living in Australia. How is that a good deal.

Overtime over 75 hour. I have not exceeded 75 hours in over 4 years with VB.

Yeh I'd really sign up for that. NOT!