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handgun fellashio
31st Jul 2005, 18:16
Qantas has secured rights to fly from LHR to LAX(SFO).LHR based crews will fly from LHR to LAX(SFO)..slip and then operate to Sydney.Then they will return to LHR via LAX.Qantas intends that the LHR based crew will do 30% of the trans pacific flying.
They will save costs of overtime and long range flying.
Expect the announcement in the next 10 days

handgun fellashio
1st Aug 2005, 00:19
BKK crew will operate BKK/LHR/LAX/SYD/BKK.
Another group of BKK crew will operate BKK/SYD/LAX/LHR/BKK.
This means a mix and match of BKK and Sydney crews.Also a mix and match of BKK and LHR crews.
All apparently within the overseas base cap.
The kiwi base crew could also be brought into the equation

Transition Layer
1st Aug 2005, 07:28
Ahhh...this explains why there's a rumour doing the rounds about a tech crew base in LAX.

I must say it's a rumour, that's all ;)

2nd Aug 2005, 13:57
Wrong. Won't happen with the bkk crew, they tried to send them to LAX when the base first opened and couldn't do so as the US wouldn't give them visas. I don't think the US visa requirements have gotten any easier since then.....

labia vortex
3rd Aug 2005, 02:59
.......minus the BKK Base and enter the Kiwi base into the equation.
Same result : less flying for the OZ based crews.
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