View Full Version : GARUDA Pilot Aarrested for Murdering Prosecutor

30th Jul 2005, 04:08
Pilot charged with murdering prosecutor
9:41 AM July 30

Indonesian prosecutors have charged a Garuda Airlines pilot with murdering the country's best-known human rights activist.

The victim, known as Munir, was poisoned while flying from Jakarta to Amsterdam.

Munir had a long history of challenging Indonesia's security forces and in particular the country's intelligence agency, BIN.

Last September on his way to take up studies in the Netherlands, he became ill and died on a Garuda flight.

It was later discovered he had been poisoned with arsenic.

During the flight, Munir had contact with an off-duty pilot Pollycarpus Priyanto, who has been accused of being a BIN spy.

A government-backed investigation team found signs the spy agency was involved in the killing.

Pollycarpus Priyanto has now been charged with premeditated murder and faces a trial within weeks.

Source: ABC

king oath
30th Jul 2005, 08:00
Based on what we've seen of their justice system regarding bombings of nightclubs and the Corby case, we should see the judge discussing the case to the media while the trial is on, boasting that he has never found anyone not guilty.

He should then hit the pilot with a huge penalty such as 7 days in jail.

Of course if they found some grass on the pilot it could increase the penalty somewhat, to around 20 years.

30th Jul 2005, 08:35
corruption ?? , what corruption !!!!!

Le Pilot
30th Jul 2005, 10:50
Pollycarpus might have worn a Pilot's uniform but he wasn't really a Pilot.
He used the status of his "fake" position to "get to know" the dissenters.
The current President (SBY) has been threatened by certain military officers because he wants justice for Munir's family.