View Full Version : What do you pay for razor blades?

30th Jul 2005, 00:34
WTF is going on tin paid $11 for a pack of 5 gillette blades at the Super
$2 odd for one iddy piece of plastic with a blades innit?
:mad: :mad: :mad:

30th Jul 2005, 00:45
Yeah, that's a bit extortionate. Pay $11.50 for 10 Trac IIs and I think that's too high. I also think disposable razors are ALL crap.

30th Jul 2005, 00:56
One will consider goin about unkempt


30th Jul 2005, 01:06
I'm not allowed to have razor blades. :(

30th Jul 2005, 01:40
I'm presently employed balancing 22,000 tonnes of drilling rig out in the North Sea. If you want more scrap steel for razor blades, give us a bell!

30th Jul 2005, 01:41
One will consider goin about unkempt

I wouldn't recommend it, smooth-shaven is sexy....I think the $11 would be worth it in the long-run. But that's just my two cents worth.


30th Jul 2005, 01:58
Try waxing. Great results. :ok:

30th Jul 2005, 07:37
Yep, wax your face. Good skills...

30th Jul 2005, 07:46
I don't pay anything for razor blades; I just use my husband's :p



30th Jul 2005, 07:54
I have a sneaking suspicion one of the female members of my household does the same thing Whirls
Razor blades cost about ten quid for for a mach3 type, and when I get to it after some other person than myself has been "at it" I feel like my face has been bloody peeled!!

Capn Notarious
30th Jul 2005, 08:00
The answer may be to hold a raffish beard, grow it as insulation for the winter.

Baron rouge
30th Jul 2005, 08:32
One of the answer for such a high price on razor blades is that it is the most frequently robbed item in supermarkets , nearly 50% are nicked, we pay for those as well.

tony draper
30th Jul 2005, 09:09
I usta use those posh razor blades then the prices got silly, one buys those Bic fling away ones now,they are only good for one shave IMHO, but what the hell,tiz only a quid for a plastic sack of em.
Never understood these parsimonious bastiges that like to brag about the number of shaves they get out of a blade.

30th Jul 2005, 09:32
Pallet for pallet, razor blades is the single most valuable load on the road. We have been heartily laughed at when approaching razor blade companies for work. Seems that anything below chieftan tank is unsuitable for delivering razor blades.

tony draper
30th Jul 2005, 10:56
Shaving foam chap meself, one bought some of that gel stuff by mistake once yuck!! tiz like smearing cold slime on ones face, makes one shudder to think of it.
Hmm one is still to mean to fling it away though,one keeps it in case of emergencies.

barry lloyd
30th Jul 2005, 11:15
Yes, a pet rant of mine, the price of razor blades! How can the manufacturers charge those prices for a sliver of metal and a bit of plastic. Yes, I know it's the most nicked item from supermarkets, but surely there's a better way. In Greece they keep them in a locked container at the checkout, and you have to ask for them.
The argument is surely, that if they weren't so ridiculously expensive in the first place, such precautions wouldn't be necessary.
And just to put a feminine perspective on this, I also happen to think the price of tampons is equally ridiculous, considering how they're made. I have worked in the paper industry, and I know how much they cost to make, and it's nowhere near the price they charge! Problem is, us fellas can't find an alternative use for them... (Yeah I know there's a bit in the SAS manual, but how often to you use that?).

30th Jul 2005, 11:35
(There's an episode of Sex and the City where one of the men is seen to be using a tampon...Season 6 (final one) i think, when Miranda's ex "Steve" walks in on Miranda and current boyfriend in bed...was funny...)

30th Jul 2005, 13:42
I pay about 14 euros for a four pack of Gillette M3 Power razor blades.

Here's a thing you might not know about.....the M3 Power series is a battery operated razor that vibrates (don't even think about it!!)

But the reason behind it's inception was that Duracell, bought a huge chunk of Gillette and wanted to boost sales......wow!, bet yer all impressed with that nugget of wisdom!! :ok:

30th Jul 2005, 13:42
It works out cheaper to buy a new Mach 3 (with spare blades in the back) than a pack of blades.

I get through a lot trimming my Elvis sideys!

30th Jul 2005, 15:33
I wonder whether if someone made razor blades out of recycled Sellafield steel as opposed to Sheffield steel, they'd be more effective or last longer...?! :O

30th Jul 2005, 16:16
Read somewhere that gillette said the turbo motor action made the whiskers stand up for a closer shave, wilkinson took em to court cos it was all a load of bullsh1te and gillette had to agree and drop it from the advertsing..
Didn't someone invent a ceramic razor that would last a lifetime but it was bought out by the shaver companies who took it off the market..

30th Jul 2005, 16:28
I wouldn't put it past them. In fact who knows how many really good products have been shelved by companies because they will last too long and ensure no repeat business?

When it comes to razor blades, it seems such a con that the razor itself (Mach 3 is a good example but there are others) is relatively inexpensive but then one has to buy high-priced blades forever more. It is, as has been pointed out, often cheaper to buy a new razor with its supply of blades than the blades on their own.

There is another product where this happens and that is electric toothbrushes. It is possible to buy a very good (Braun) rechargeable brush for 20 or so but the replacement brush heads are really expensive. It is not possible to find a cheaper alternative so you are stuck with buying the Braun ones. :(

30th Jul 2005, 16:58
Cheappie replica at Dollar Store in USA sixpack for $1 perfectly good as the "known brands"

30th Jul 2005, 17:09
But what's the answer? Go back to the old cut-throat razor? I gather the learning curve is a bit steep!

30th Jul 2005, 17:15
Don't use it myself but I can remember while queuing with a cartload of bath salts at TLV duty free, that male collegue were queing with cartloads of those blades thingies. You'd supect that bath salts are not the only bargain there :suspect:

30th Jul 2005, 19:39
Those Mach 3 blades are a complete rip-off. The advertising tries to lead one to believe that 3 blades are far better than just one or even two.

I buy old style Gillette 2 blades and do 3 razor strokes for every 2 of the Mach 3 ones.

Clue: obviously 3x2=6 blade passes but a little known secret is that 2x3=6 blade passes too!

Haha! How I laugh every time I shave and think of all the money I'm saving! (which, I admit, can be dangerous). :ouch:

Anyone got a styptic pencil? - I'm bleeding again. :\

BTW, Mr. Draper - I think using hair gel on one's face isn't advisable - whatever were you thinking of? Ms. Linda Bellingham, perchance? ;)

tony draper
30th Jul 2005, 19:50
Mr Torque, using hair gel on ones hair is no longer possible.
Anyway brylcream was good enough for us,none of this pansyfied shite they all use now.
Silly young buggas pay fifty quid forra haircut and come out the barbers looking like they stuck their nobs in a thirteen amp socket.
Hmmm, berra make that a five amp socket


30th Jul 2005, 20:26
Brylcreem! Oh yes. Got a tub of it in me bathroom cupboard. One recently rediscovered it in that fine gentlemen's grooming emporium - Wilkos. Not so good for shaving with but it does reflect the light and hide the silvery bits rather well. Have been told it takes ten years off and makes me look as if I'm only 50. Shame I'm only 49. :{

One has two teenage sons - one of them has very recently given up his gel and spikes and now looks like a coconut. One isn't sure why but one assumes he is practicing for his old age or just fell over whilst mowing the front lawn.

30th Jul 2005, 20:27
One is obviously able to accumulate vast wealth by shunning razor blades


30th Jul 2005, 20:30
Wasn't he in "Planet of the Apes"?

30th Jul 2005, 20:37

Why have you started talking like Mr. Draper? Do you think it will help endear you towards Miss Bellingham?

Tinpis is doing it as well!

One wonders whether it is catching?




30th Jul 2005, 20:52
I think razor blades are a waste of money, I pluck my beard.
Started when I was about 17 (** years ago) and I'm over half way now.

However if you insist on using them go to the market, that's where the nicked ones end up; they're about half price.


Onan the Clumsy
30th Jul 2005, 21:01
What do you pay for razor blades? Oh just a sliver of the operating budget.

30th Jul 2005, 21:13
Ms Whirls,

One has known Herr Draper for many years now. It has always been the case that one must talk in the third person if one is to make any meaningful contact with he.

As for Ms. Bellingham - oneself and the bounder Draper once were set for a duel in the carpark over said maiden, but all was lost in the mists of time (the second big server crash in truth).

One couldn't decide between the cutlass and the musket so one settled for handbags at dawn and a bottle of Newcastle Brown and a bacon buttie to follow. (Dawn wasn't very happy about being handbagged but so be it).

One hopes one is satisfied?

30th Jul 2005, 21:20
Dear Mr. Torque,

Please be advised that one is to be referred to as Miss Whirls, not Ms.

I also have it on good authority that Miss Bellingham can't be doing with ponsy third person speech. And she nicks her husband's razor blades!

However, one is most satisfied, thank you!

Yours sincerely,

W. Gig (Miss)

30th Jul 2005, 21:29
One begs one's pardon, MISS Whirls, OOOooooh!

One didn't need reminding that Ms. Bellingham is now married. :(

(Actually, I went right off her 'cos she smokes and she's probably never crumbled a cube for anyone in her life anyway).

P.S. 'Cos - isn't that a type of lettuce? but WHAT is "ponsy" :p

30th Jul 2005, 21:30
One only talks posh in 'ere as to give one the impression I is not an oik from the colonies.

30th Jul 2005, 21:35
Hexackerly, Mister tinpis- one must huphold one's stannards for the benefit of the hoipolloi..... :ok:

30th Jul 2005, 21:38
but WHAT is "ponsy"

A misspelling (humblest apologies - I shall lay myself prost(r)ate at your feet!) describing someone from A Puerto Rican town!

There's no need to get shirty just 'cos she didn't crumble your cube!



30th Jul 2005, 22:15
Oh, the very thought of a hanambalance driver lying prostrate at my feet! :E

Sadly, you're right - I haven't had my cube crumbled or my gravy thickened by Ms. Bellingham for some time now. :(

tony draper
30th Jul 2005, 22:51
Once Miss Bellingham is mine she will be shown the proper way to make gravy and that don't include feckin oxo cubes.
"bisto gravy powder yes, oxo cubes no Linda"


31st Jul 2005, 00:21
Gave up shaving years (12) ago, now got a grey beard.

31st Jul 2005, 01:20
Back to spouse razor-abuse for a moment, if I may. The only way I could overcome this problem was to revert to the old-fashioned blades (pre preloaded type) with a promise to wax her if she should show any inclination to use it. Bless her, she tried it. Just the once.

31st Jul 2005, 02:07
Tin even thought about reverting to a safety razor I can remember happily chopping up balsa (and fingers:( )for me model planes with them when they was about 4d a packet.
Bugger me if they arent expensive as well
When you consider I bought a cordless 12V drill for the same price as 4 packets of Gilette blades there gotta be a world wide conspiracy goin on here :mad:
Hmm.... wonder if one can get a face shavin attachment for the drill?

Metro man
31st Jul 2005, 04:26
Have a look on Ebay, quite a few good deals going on blades. Watch the postage though.

31st Jul 2005, 07:11
Mr Drapes Silly young buggas pay fifty quid forra haircut and come out the barbers looking like they stuck their nobs in a thirteen amp socket.
My shirt front is covered with the first cup of the day ,...and the monitor needs drying off!!
Please give warning in future

31st Jul 2005, 09:58
See you can pay nearly two hundred quid for an electric razor.Does that mean they give a good shave or are they trying to compete with price of blades??

31st Jul 2005, 21:14
I see they are now bringing our FOUR blade razors - I can quite happily cut myself with two, I don't want to set up trage procedures every morning... razor blades and ink-jet cartridges rate equally for rip-off of the century.....

1st Aug 2005, 05:02
I can get about 20 of the mach 3's for a about $20 at a nearby discount pharmacy. The real key is to shave in the shower. Gets the skin nice and supple, then go at it with the razor. All the hot water in my house is digital, I set the temp of the shower just how I like it, then I can set a different faucet extremely hot to keep the razor blade performing well. Frequent rinsing in the very hot water leads to an excellent shave.

As to the other in the house using the razor, I told her that having three blades reduced the effective stroke area by one third, so she was much better off using her own that cost a bloo*y fortune at the supermarket. Not sure if she believed me, but had the desired end result.

1st Aug 2005, 05:32
I can remember back to when asking the barber for a "packet of razor blades please" accompanied by a large wink would get one a packet of something else entirely, sometimes referred to as, "Something for the weekend Gov?"!

Can also remember having to be on same barbers 'regulars' list to get the odd packet of Wilkinson's Sword Edge when they were available.

1st Aug 2005, 08:28
Think I'll start looking around for a black carbon steel straight razor to scare myself shitless with every morning.

Seems they arn't cheap though, and not easy to come by either....

I've always sworn by Wilkinson Swords but as another poster said it is generally cheaper to buy a new razor than to get some blades.

henry crun
1st Aug 2005, 08:50
Spinflight; You are right, they are not cheap at about US$70, and a strop will set you back about the same amount.

Readily available though, if you know where to look.

1st Aug 2005, 10:16
Chuck a few BICs into the same bucket of liquid nitrogen as your Lycoming parts and they will last for ever.

1st Aug 2005, 21:07
All the hot water in my house is digital
mine's still organic - is there a web site somewhere you can get free downloads?

Onan the Clumsy
1st Aug 2005, 21:42
He means he set the shower head to give individual drops instead of a constant stream.

1st Aug 2005, 21:52
Did uhmmm, anyone catch onto what I was inferring... I wonder whether if someone made razor blades out of recycled Sellafield steel... Well, such blades would be unnaturally "hot" wouldn't they? And we've all heard about how people lose their hair when undergoing radiation "therapy" haven't we? So they'd probably be more efficient in the long run... :}

Oh forget it... :zzz:

1st Aug 2005, 23:33
Well actually there is a digital display where I set the temperature and pressure. For the bath I have programmed in my weight and where I want the water level and it fills it accordingly. And keeps the temperature constant.
I think its pretty cool.

1st Aug 2005, 23:42
All my taps are digital too.... I turns 'em on with me fingers and I turns 'em off again with me fingers. :=

barry lloyd
2nd Aug 2005, 14:29
digitally controlled showers?


If you used Sellafield steel you could then set the digitally controlled shower, and open the faucet, but you wouldn't need to put the light on, and you'd always be able to find the razor!

(For the benefit of our foreign readers, Sellafield is a nuclear reprocessing plant in the north-west of England, which appears to have similar properties to a colander).:hmm:

3rd Aug 2005, 15:41
If feeling flush, might I recommend these (http://www.trumpers.com) chaps.

By the way, what's wrong with looking like you stuck your nob in a socket? I'm rather pleased with the result (of the haircut that is).

3rd Aug 2005, 16:13
Apparently the razor companies always buy up the decomissioned hulls of submarines due to the quality of steel used in their construction.

Plenty of subs going cheap ( or boom ) in Russia, maybe that would bring prices down. :confused:

Afore mentioned hairloss wouldn't be a problem...

3rd Aug 2005, 16:58
Ahh yes, Red Storm Razorsblades two for one results shave with these once and the radiation effects cause subsequent stubble to simply fall out:ok:

Went on exercise once and one of the new recruits on the first morning suddenly begun running around franticaly rubbing his face. Seems he hadn't wanted to shave in cold water and had decided to use him mum's Veet. Subsequent face blistering looked bloody sore, he wished he had stuck to blades cold water or no.

15th Sep 2005, 13:36
Apparently gillette is bringing out a new razor with five blades! The best a man can get (currently) is apparently getting better and more pricey

Gillette fusion (http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2005-09/15/content_3494927.htm)

15th Sep 2005, 13:39
absolutely nothing, I'm growing a beard for the winter to keep my face warm. When it gets to spring then I'll buy a new pack of razor blades :D

Orion Man
15th Sep 2005, 14:18
Why are razor blades such a rip off ? Are they really that expensive to manufacture ?

Its a bit like birthday cards in my opinion. Why are they so expensive too ?

I use Wilkinson Sword razor blades that can cost upto 5 for a pack of 3. I just don't understand why they cost so much.


Orion Man

Burnt Fishtrousers
16th Sep 2005, 23:55
Extortionate...lets all not shave and walk slowly on the pavement..that'll bring the price of blades down

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