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28th Apr 2001, 14:03
Asking about what is legal here, not likeable or preferred or practical or safe. Reading all and especially http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/Forum1/HTML/012947.html, it is my understanding that speed limits below 10 in uncontrolled airspace are not for ATC to lift, no matter what. I am particilarly interested as to what applies in the US. Any moves in Europe?

Thanks to DEFPOTECI know about the Texas (class B) restriction lift at ATC discretion (http://web.wt.net/~iahi90/250.htm). Has this been applied anywhere else in the US? Any problems?


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28th Apr 2001, 18:31
Summary from the UK Manual of Air Traffic Control:

The 250kt limit does not include:
1. Flights in Class A or B
2. IFR flights in Class C
3. Flights in Class C and D when authorised by ATC
<Some other stuff>

1. ATC cannot relax the 250kt limit for traffic leaving a "known traffic enivronment" such as Class A and entering F or G where primary separation method is see-and-be-seen.

2. In E, F & G ATC cannot relax the 250kt rule.

Hope this is of use.