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27th Jul 2005, 08:33
Those that remember Flight Service in QLD may have come across Trevor Scholes. Learned yesterday that Trevor departed this mortal coil unexpectedly. I think he served at places such as Mount Isa, Rocky, Darwin Archerfield and Brisbane. He was a passionate "character" and allways did things 110%. Another of the good blokes gone. Maybe other pruners have memories of the old scholsie.

27th Jul 2005, 14:53
If I remember rightly, Trevor was the RDO who assessed me for my first ratings in BN FSC in '84.

Although it was a while ago, my recollection was of a Nice Bloke, always had a good word......

All the best in the FSC up there in the clouds, Trevor.


27th Jul 2005, 15:36
It's all starting to sound a bit close to home. All we young FSO's of the 70's who were going to really make a difference.

Vale Trevor, taken before your time. Condolences to the family.

28th Jul 2005, 12:35
A truly lovely man who will be sorely missed. My condolences to his family. Many pilots would have met him as boss of Archerfield briefing office.

29th Jul 2005, 02:51

We must have worked together in Bn FSC.

Trevor will sorely be missed. A self described "oldest teenager in Flight Service", he brought life and laughter to a centre that was run by a bunch of ex-lower deck sailors with very little humour.

Goodbye, Scholesy.

1st Aug 2005, 08:45
Farewell Trev,

It certainly was a pleasure to have known you!
Sincere condolences to Trev's family and many friends.