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26th Jul 2005, 08:21
Take a look......

VB 50th (http://images.airliners.net/open.file?id=885560&WxsIERv=Obrvat%20737-7SR&WdsYXMg=Ivetva%20Oyhr%20Nveyvarf&QtODMg=Frnggyr%20-%20Obrvat%20Svryq%20%2F%20Xvat%20Pbhagl%20Vagreangvbany%20%2 8OSV%20%2F%20XOSV%29&ERDLTkt=HFN%20-%20Jnfuvatgba&ktODMp=Whyl%202005&BP=)

26th Jul 2005, 08:23

Capt Basil Brush
26th Jul 2005, 12:33
I know you say that tongue in cheek Bloggs, the -700 is a great little aircraft.

A recent good example is Broome - Perth (fog forcast) carrying Adelaide as an alternate, and could have carried Melbourne, with 143 pax and bags. (even 1 spare seat)

All this and burning less per hour than your 146-100.

Not that poxy.


26th Jul 2005, 14:24
NIce colour...for a baby Boeing:hmm:

26th Jul 2005, 16:38
Bit difficult for see-and-avoid manouvres though? :p

I know, I know... sorry... but it had to be said!

26th Jul 2005, 20:40
Really surprised to see new -700's making their way dowunder. We were under the impression that all future new frames would be -800's.

Either way it's encouraging to see the fleet numbers still increasing (slowly).

Going Nowhere
26th Jul 2005, 22:36
There's one more due in August as well.

Capn Bloggs
27th Jul 2005, 02:42
Capt BB,

Yes, in jest as always. My post has been wiped because I complained about a reply to it from Ty Webb. So the Woom thought it'd be a good idea to remove BOTH posts.:zzz:

Be draggin' you off soon, I hope.

Capt Basil Brush
27th Jul 2005, 04:47
Bloggs, you can have a go if you want, the only rule is the race will at or above F380, up to F410.

Does that suit you?

Let the race begin.


27th Jul 2005, 04:54
Hope they call this one

"The Blue Veiner "

Capn Bloggs
27th Jul 2005, 06:14

If you ether-suckers want to float around up in the exoshere with the shuttle, feel free! There's only one race: first past the post, no conditions. No rules, no pansies! :ok: GO!

Capt Basil Brush
27th Jul 2005, 06:59
OK Bloggs, no altitude restrictions, we have to make it fair for the disadvantaged ones with small wings and no grunt.

How about we make it PER-BNE (40 deg day) with a full load of pax and bags, and go as fast as you want.
By the time you guys make your tech stop, we would be on our tenth beer at the bar. (would you get there in one stop)

:ok: GO!

27th Jul 2005, 10:47
sinala1 only a cadet would make a comment like that! If you couldn’t see this thing (Red markings!!!) then you definitely should keep serving coffee.

Capt Bloggs
F380-410 is believe is the VirginSphere, one level lower than the Shuttle.:O

TAY 611
28th Jul 2005, 01:10
FL 410 eh what, that low!

Transition Layer
28th Jul 2005, 02:12
F380-410 is believe is the VirginSphere, one level lower than the Shuttle

AKA Coffin Corner...any more stick shakers going off lately?

Capt Basil Brush
28th Jul 2005, 07:04
"AKA Coffin Corner...any more stick shakers going off lately?"

You seem to be the expert TL, why dont you tell us all about the Boeing FCOM Bulletin regarding "Nuisance Stall Warning Stick Shaker Events" for 737-600 to -900 airplanes.


Kaptin M
28th Jul 2005, 09:51
...and about now, we start the titfertat - the "Fores", the "fumes in the terminal", the "what's the lowest hill near Cantberra?"..........and on it runs.
Onya D & G (mind you, it breaks the boredom!!).

Congratulations on your 50th, VB - may your competition aspire to rise to the challenge!!

29th Jul 2005, 12:33
Thanx Kaptin M , but whats happened to your Aussie Flag?
Your Avitar is starting to look like a clapped out QF B733. Hehe:p

Capn Bloggs
29th Jul 2005, 23:34
I asked him that last week but he ignored me. Perhaps he doesn't wear his glasses when on Prune and hasn't noticed...

Pete Conrad
30th Jul 2005, 00:02
TL - Isnt the reason why Virgin pilots go high is the light loads they carry?

Kaptin M
30th Jul 2005, 00:44
Sorry Bloggs, not ignoring you.
It looks as though the website that hosted the flag has gone titsup, BA50.
A soon as I have the time to track another one down, I'll forward the details to PPRuNe management.
Avagoodweekend. :ok:

In the meantime

Capn Bloggs
30th Jul 2005, 01:08
Arr Kapn, my faith in you is restored! ;)

Dookie on Drums
31st Jul 2005, 03:54
VH-VBY made an impressive fly-by prior to touch down at YBBN at midday today.

Well done VB :ok:

The Voice
31st Jul 2005, 05:55
Someone really must film another flying movie so the 'TopGun' soundtrack isn't the only choice of music for a welcoming party!

Is there going to be a party everywhere it goes for the first time?

Pretty blue though.