View Full Version : CAIR resurrected

26th Jul 2005, 00:01
It seems that CAIR is to be resurrected by another name: the Aviation Confidential Reporting Scheme (REPCON).

Obviously someone finally woke up to the fact that the ATSB suddenly had one of its best sources of information cut off at the knees by the introducion of the all-but-useless ASRS scheme.

Details at http://www.atsb.gov.au/aviation/occurs/acrc.cfm

Time Bomb Ted
26th Jul 2005, 01:37
We should rejoice.

Finally someone has done something good in Aviation.

Long live REPCON.


Brian Abraham
26th Jul 2005, 03:11
The Authorities are to be congratulated. I had reason to submit a report under the previous worthless scheme and the new system addresses the exact areas about which I had cause for concern in the operation in which I was engaged.

compressor stall
26th Jul 2005, 09:38
Good News. Not to have confidential (or anonymous) reporting flies in the face of any sensible safety management system.